Week 10 - Sat 27th Nov 2021
Rhys Stephenson and Tilly Ramsay Bottom 2

Tilly Ramsay Eliminated!

Musicals Week - Sat 20th Nov 2021
UPDATE: 08:45 21st Nov

Rhys and Tom Bottom 2
Tom Eliminated!

(Source: SPOILER Strictly Come Dancing 2021 Facebook Group)


Tentative spoiler today!

Our insider says that Rhys Stephenson is 100%, definitely in the Bottom 2.

However they say that the other Bottom 2 contestant is EXTREMELY close in votes to someone else and that the voting order they saw may have changed before the voting closed...

At the time our insider saw the voting, Tom Fletcher was the other Bottom 2 contestant.
Please take this with a big pinch of salt, the voting is extremely tight this week.

Week 8 - Sat 13th Nov 2021
Sara Davies and Tilly Ramsay Bottom 2

Week 7 - Sat 6th Nov 2021
Adam Peaty and Tilly Ramsay Bottom 2

Halloween Week - Sat 30th Oct 2021
Adam Peaty and Judi Love Bottom 2

Week 5 - Sat 23rd Oct 2021
Rhys Stephenson and Ugo Monye Bottom 2

Week 4 - Sat 16th Oct 2021
Greg Wise and Judi Love Bottom 2

Movie Week - Sat 9th Oct 2021
Katie McGlynn and Judi Love Bottom 2

Week 2 - Sat 2nd Oct 2021
No major B2 spoiler today.
Katie McGlynn is in the Bottom 2.

From there, there are 3 contestants within a very tight range and our source says that the order could have changed around by the time the vote ended.
However at the time they received the info, Nina Wadia would be the other individual in the Bottom 2.