Sara Davies

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Aljaz Skorjanec
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 8
Twitter: @SaraDaviesCC
Instagram: @saradaviescc
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 139 5 399 399
Week 1 264 1 756 578
Week 2 409 7 1,603 919
Movie Week 214 2 639 999
Week 4 457 8 1,782 1,341
Week 5 355 14 758 1,060
Halloween Week 353 13 543 1,028
Week 7 222 1 420 574
Week 8 245 4 348 437
If AJ gets kicked out instead of Dan or Sara it will be a farce #Strictly
Wouldn't normally give 3 votes to AJ but it's such a nonsense she is bottom of the leaderboard. Tilly and Dan are both far below her level. Tom was also worse tonight, and Sarah no better. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #scd
Sara & Tilly for bottom two, right?! #Strictly
I still think Tilly and Sara might be in trouble. But the scoring tonight has been all over the place. #Strictly
Tom & Sara in the dance off #Strictly
Not sure what's going on with the judges marking down AJ - she's brilliant!! Dan and Sara getting higher scores - really?? #Strictly
#Strictly @SaraDaviesCC Well done! Lovely for you to see your family. I cried with you. Keep going!
Seriously #strictly.. what the actual hell?!? Aj's at the bottom, some proper overmarking going on here!! The fact Dan and Sarah are higher?! My fukin cat can dance better than half of these. Shiiit.
An amazing performance by Sara and Aljaz, doing the Argentine Tango. They give their all each week and really enjoy watching them #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I love Sara, but wtf?!?! Really #Strictly
Oh do piss off with your 8's and 9!! An abomination of judging!!!! #sara #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD
Sara and Alijaz - Week Eight - Argentine Tango Craig - 7 Motsi - 8 Shirley - 8 Anton - 9 Total - 32 Our Score - 7 #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #Strictly2021
Sara is an attractive woman but I feel the make up & wardrobe departments have done her no favours throughout this entire series #StrictlyComeDancing
Aw the BABY giving cries for Sara #Strictly
Rebecca's verdict: You can really see the hard work Sara has put into this routine. Stunning clean lines, pointed feet, sharp extensions. Posture not always correct but I felt she did really well here and I enjoyed it. Score: 8. Live blog:
I really really like Sara and Aljaz. #strictly
I don't get why #strictly costume designers seem to struggle dressing fuller figured ladies, they never flatter their figures like others why dress Sara in dark denier tights when we can't see her leg work?!
Brilliant partnerships this year, think Sara and Aljaz will be mates for life #Strictly
Sara isn't sweating unlike Al #strictly
Why do the keep giving Sara such ugly unflattering outfits? #Strictly
I loved that Argentine Tango, Sara is improving every week & she gets my vote #Strictly
I loved Sara and Aljaz, they have great camaraderie!. Aljaz loves his time spent up north during the week with Sara and even goes on the school run with her. I'll really miss them if they go this week! Its hard to see anyone go as they're all so good! #Strictly @SaraDaviesCC
Sara really tried hard but that dress is horrible and it's unkind of them to have put her in it. #Strictly
Fabulous @SaraDaviesCC #Strictly
Worried for Sara this week let's see how the judges view it #StrictlyComeDancing
Well done Sara #Strictly
Wow Sara! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Ministry of silly walks for Sara's inspiration ? #strictly
I feel like Sara's kicks weren't as strong as they should've been. Felt like she lost her way during the dance #Strictly
Didn't quite get the staging with the song, but her technique was good. Think it should have been tighter but nothing bad. #Sara #Strictly
#strictly - not the best song choice for @SaraDaviesCC but enjoyed the dance
#Strictly I thought that was brill from Sara! She works so hard...never cocks up
Sorry I'm not feeling Sara's Argentine Tango #Strictly
sara is literally everything strictly is about like she's gone from being a non dancer to incredible #strictlycomedancing
Not sure what Sara has done to upset wardrobe, another unflattering dress #Strictly
I just love Sara and Aljaz, love them. #Strictly
Not a great version of the song for not a great routine for Sara. #Strictly
Not surprised you had sore muscles @SaraDaviesCC those lunges were so low #Strictly
Loved that from Sara and Aljaz! #Strictly
I like Sara but no. #Strictly
This is a really weird song for an Argentine tango and I don't feel like that's helping Sara at all #scd #strictly
both sara and aj not really served well by their music choices this week, but kinda making it work? #strictly
I like Sara but this is forgettable #Strictly
Come on Sara! #Strictly
This is an unforgiving outfit for Sara #scd #Strictly
Sara is overconfident #strictly
Seriously how the fuck is Sara still in the competition? Makes Dan look like Fred Astaire..... #Strictly
Oh here comes Sara - does she have some kind of business by any chance ? #scd2021
Ah so they have decided to keep the BBC employee Dan Walker in again. Guess that spells doom for Sara #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Sara and Aljaz will be dancing the Argentine Tango to No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) by Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand. Brave or what? Gentle until 1:46s, it kicks into a disco feel. I'm intrigued what they'll dance to this. #strictly @SaraDaviesCC @AljazSkorjanec @bbcstrictly
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