Sara Davies

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Aljaz Skorjanec
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 8
Twitter: @SaraDaviesCC
Instagram: @saradaviescc
#Strictly Sara and Aljaz: I liked this Argentine Tango from Sara and Aljaz. I loved the intensity chemistry drive and passion through the whole routine. Sara's footwork was so good I loved it!!!! Well done Sara you created a great atomosphere Congratulations!!!!
Sara and Aljaz: I have to say the progression from Sara from week one to now is remarkable. The Argentine Tango is a difficult dance but Sara did so well. Great posture; loved the chemistry and atmosphere she created that dance was fierce. Well done Sara Brilliant. #Strictly
I love Sara and Alijaz her improvement over the weeks is amazing. Alijaz looks like he is having the time of his life this year and I'm loving that #Strictly
Oh how lovely is @AljazSkorjanec like seriously. He was so proud of @SaraDaviesCC and is always the biggest champion for his partners!!!! Love him #Strictly
I give Sara and Aljaz 9 out of 10. I really loved this, personally. The mood of the dance was incredible and the footwork was really great. A little issue with the legs sometimes, but great. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Woooow Sara absolutely incredible this week! @SaraDaviesCC #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly ok scoring tonight slightly odd. Adored Rhys but was a 9 where's Aj's Charleston was a 10. Dan so improved tonight and it was a 7 maybe 8 worth if generous. AJ tonight was a solid 8. Tilly - so preferred last week and previous weeks to tonight a 6. Sara 6.
I loved Sara and Aljaz, they have great camaraderie!. Aljaz loves his time spent up north during the week with Sara and even goes on the school run with her. I'll really miss them if they go this week! Its hard to see anyone go as they're all so good! #Strictly @SaraDaviesCC
SARA argentine tango - DID NOT need the dry ice. Her footwork and leg shapes looked sooooo good. They were definitely in the zone, although I personally found the music rather off putting. Loved that Sara did the lifts. It was enjoyable to watch because partnership! 7 #strictly
Can we just appreciate how gorgeous Sara looks Love Love Love #Strictly
Wow Sara that was ah-maz-ing! Loved it #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021 #strictly
#argentinetango is so intimate and intricate, I learned it for ten weeks I think and I couldn't have done what @SaraDaviesCC did, although I'd be happy to try with @AljazSkorjanec Love or @gorkamarquez1 or @Kaiwidd I'm not fussy! Love @bbcstrictly #Strictly
I love Sarah. Doing it brilliantly for the middle-aged, curvaceous woman #Strictly
Aljaz deciding Sara is best served as a camp icon and so choreographing a dance to a Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer song. Iconic. The man knows when to fashion a narrative! #Strictly
Ah they are all so good this year. Amazing Sara and Aljaz #Strictly #haway
FAB! I love Sara #Strictly
I liked the drama and passion of this dance. Sara did a good job #StrictlyComeDancing
Brilliant Sara n Aljaz, so good #Strictly
I enjoyed moody Sara! Love a good Argentine Tango and I thought that was great! #Strictly
Sara and Aljaz score 32 (7,8,8,9) What did you think of their routine? Follow reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in Amazon vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Really like Sara, didn't like that AT. Nicer comments than AJ had though............ Craig said it was fantastic??? #strictly
#Strictly OMG it's a judging mess. AJ bottom, Sara midway, Rhys top. It's a funny old competition. Talk about Judges favourites!
I loved that Argentine Tango, Sara is improving every week & she gets my vote #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 5: @SaraDaviesCC @AljazSkorjanec This week Sara and Aljaz are dancing the Argentine Tango. Best of luck guys. I'm looking forward to this.
oh damn, that wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. Dammit. Still love Sara. #Strictly
An amazing performance by Sara and Aljaz, doing the Argentine Tango. They give their all each week and really enjoy watching them #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Love the Argentine tango and think Sara has done the best one this season, so far #Strictly
Excellent from Sara. Performance skills have improved so much. #Strictly
I've always loved @AljazSkorjanec but I can't explain how much I've fallen in love with @SaraDaviesCC - utter female boss! #Strictly
Sarah has made such progress. Really quite impressive #StrictlyComeDancing
Blimey Sarah is always a surprise. That was very good. #Strictly #StrictlycomeDancing
YES Sara looks amazing tonight #Strictly
Ooo that was a good Argentine Tango from Sara and Alijaz,had the drama and intensity, really impressed by Sara #Strictly
Sara did a great AT face, seemed to be well danced but not quite oozing romance #Strictly
Brilliant partnerships this year, think Sara and Aljaz will be mates for life #Strictly
Rebecca's verdict: You can really see the hard work Sara has put into this routine. Stunning clean lines, pointed feet, sharp extensions. Posture not always correct but I felt she did really well here and I enjoyed it. Score: 8. Live blog:
Sara was great! Definitely one of my favourite dances from her #Strictly
sara is literally everything strictly is about like she's gone from being a non dancer to incredible #strictlycomedancing
Sara is lovely but reminds me of Lola from Big Mouth #StrictlyComeDancing
That was amazing!!! @SaraDaviesCC #Strictly
Sara needs to get some stennies when this is over. She looks fab with long hair #StrictlyComeDancing
I think @SaraDaviesCC is my new favourite. The progression is CRAZY! Her and Aljaz are the dream. Love Love #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Sara and Ajax!!!! One word for you - WOW!! #Strictly
Fabulous foot work. I think Sara sold that well #Strictly
oh sara again, seems nice but that argentine tango wasn't it babe :( #strictly
Oh here comes Sara - does she have some kind of business by any chance ? #scd2021
Sara looks stunning #StrictlyComeDancing
Love Sara but I think this may be her last week, standard is so high now. #strictly
That was AMAZING Sarah!!! #StrictlyComeDancing
Sara is an attractive woman but I feel the make up & wardrobe departments have done her no favours throughout this entire series #StrictlyComeDancing
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