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Rose Ayling-Ellis 5,921   3,585 1,614 3,238 1,686 1,000 904   562 227 699 357 153   28,186 4,800 17,220 7,793 24,712 17,379 4,760 -661 328 -402 -152 -188 -41 -112   27,525   16,818 7,641 24,524 17,338 4,649
John Whaite 2,411   1,417 687 1,367 802 1,000 287   160 92 218 126 119   12,442 1,917 7,315 3,679 11,196 8,521 5,161 -363 182 -203 -87 -86 -14 -151   12,079   7,112 3,592 11,110 8,507 5,010
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Well done Rose and Giovanni, brilliant champions #Strictly2021
Wouldn't be surprised if Rose & Giovanni had 80% of the votes. #strictly
Congratulations to @RoseAylingEllis and pernicegiovann1 for winning #Strictly! This has definitely been the best series yet!!!
#Strictly2021 Yes Rose!!!! absolutely delighted for her and Gio!!
Well that was just wonderful, congratulations @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 #Strictly2021
So proud of and happy for @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 ! Congratulations our Strictly champions #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyFinal
I'm so glad Rose and Giovanni won 2021 Strictly Come Dancing. Brilliant!! #Strictly2021
Well done @RoseAylingEllis ! A great inspiration for the deaf community! What an achievement #Strictly2021
I am so pleased that Rose and Giovanni won, so deserved #Strictly2021
Rose and Gio really have touched my heart. Truly deserved. #Strictly #Strictly2021
I wanted Rose to win right from the start. Congratulations to Rose and Giovanni #StrictlyComeDancing
Congratulations @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 for winning #Strictly2021 you fully deserve it
So happy Rose won #Strictly2021 and now I shall be a mess in the corner if anyone needs me #Strictly
#Strictly John and Johannes were robbed of a rightful victory, sympathy votes win again
So glad Rose & Giovanni won Strictly! She deserved it and was the best dancer. Fairyplay to John and Johannes #Strictly2021
Yesssssss! So happy Rose and Giovanni won #Strictly2021
Just caught end of #Strictly2021 lovely words there from Rose worthy winners
I am in bits @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 Congratulations!! I love you so much!!! You are amazing!! Love Love #Strictly2021 #strictly @bbcstrictly
Yesss!!!! @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 #Strictly2021 #champions and Giovanni you so deserve this, you did the treble for Italy!!! #strictly