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Rose Ayling-Ellis 5,921   3,585 1,614 3,238 1,686 1,000 904   562 227 699 357 153   28,186 4,800 17,220 7,793 24,712 17,379 4,760 -661 328 -402 -152 -188 -41 -112   27,525   16,818 7,641 24,524 17,338 4,649
John Whaite 2,411   1,417 687 1,367 802 1,000 287   160 92 218 126 119   12,442 1,917 7,315 3,679 11,196 8,521 5,161 -363 182 -203 -87 -86 -14 -151   12,079   7,112 3,592 11,110 8,507 5,010
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Well done Rose and Giovanni, brilliant champions #Strictly2021
Wouldn't be surprised if Rose & Giovanni had 80% of the votes. #strictly
Congratulations to @RoseAylingEllis and pernicegiovann1 for winning #Strictly! This has definitely been the best series yet!!!
#Strictly2021 Yes Rose!!!! absolutely delighted for her and Gio!!
Well done @RoseAylingEllis ! A great inspiration for the deaf community! What an achievement #Strictly2021
I am so pleased that Rose and Giovanni won, so deserved #Strictly2021
Well that was just wonderful, congratulations @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 #Strictly2021
So proud of and happy for @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 ! Congratulations our Strictly champions #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyFinal
I'm so glad Rose and Giovanni won 2021 Strictly Come Dancing. Brilliant!! #Strictly2021
#Strictly John and Johannes were robbed of a rightful victory, sympathy votes win again
So glad Rose & Giovanni won Strictly! She deserved it and was the best dancer. Fairyplay to John and Johannes #Strictly2021
Yesssssss! So happy Rose and Giovanni won #Strictly2021
Rose and Gio really have touched my heart. Truly deserved. #Strictly #Strictly2021
I wanted Rose to win right from the start. Congratulations to Rose and Giovanni #StrictlyComeDancing
Congratulations @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 for winning #Strictly2021 you fully deserve it
So happy Rose won #Strictly2021 and now I shall be a mess in the corner if anyone needs me #Strictly
Huge congrats to Rose and Giovanni on winning #Strictly2021 So well deserved
Oh well at least one good thing came out of this year well done Rose well done everyone involved #Strictly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing
Our #Strictly2021 Finalists have broken down barriers and helped people across the nation release they can do anything. I thank them for taking us on unforgettable journey, and congratulations John, Johannes, Rose and Giovanni for all of their inspiration! Love
Any other year John would have won but think Rose edged it by bringing more awareness to a community that we maybe didn't think needed it. Just phenomenal, thoroughly deserved and how hard she must work to pull off dances like that #Strictly2021 #StrictlyFinal