John Whaite

Status: In
Professional: Johannes Radebe
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 17.50
Implied Chances: 6%
Instagram: @john_whaite
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 508 32 1,093 1,093
Week 1 1,179 43 4,625 2,859
Week 2 1,008 64 3,366 3,028
Movie Week 1,059 66 3,862 3,951
Week 4 726 31 1,862 3,030
Week 5 730 28 2,284 2,669
Halloween Week 388 13 1,004 1,717
Week 7 665 20 2,344 1,877
Week 8 453 16 1,283 1,544
Musicals Week 364 24 775 1,467
Week 10 714 18 2,013 1,357
I'm still saying in the final it's Rose and Giovanni vs John and Johannes... Will be very very close though but Rose will nab it tightly, already predicted it some weeks ago I'm still saying it #Strictly
#Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing John and Johannes @jojo_radebe are simply brilliant.
#Strictly2021 John & Johannes at it again. WOW!
John &Johannes #Strictly soooo good! Love
Gorgeous. John and Johannes are so good #Strictly
Voted AJ & John. Didn't feel the rest. #Strictly
Order of preference for me: 1. John 2. AJ 3. Rose 4. Rhys 5. Dan 6. Tilly Votes for John, AJ and Rose obvs. #Strictly #scd
Well John and Johannes nailed that ! #Strictly2021
So close to a perfect 40. Well done John & Johannes!!! #Strictly
One of the best dances on #Strictly were #johannes and #john.
John and Johannes #Strictly dance tonight was:
Best dance of the night by a mile on #strictly John Whaite and Johannes Radebe were on 9 10 10 10 #Strictly @jojo_radebe @StrictlyJohn
That has to be pretty close to my favourite Argentine tango ever on Strictly. Bravo John and JoJo #Strictly
That. Was. Incredible. #ArgentineTango #John #Johannes #Strictly
Still a fan of John and Johannes. John, AJ and Rose must go to the final! #StrictlyComeDancing
Strictly tonight.. #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing Dan Love John Love Rose
The three I'd like to see in the final would be Rose, AJ and John. What a final that would be #strictly #bbcstrictly #rose #AJ #John @bbcstrictly
Johannes was amazing but John passive I thought #Strictly2021
John & JoJo I have goosebumps #Strictly2021
Absolutely amazing! Well done John and Jojo. So fiery, so sexy. #Strictly2021
The judges and producers are clearly pushing John and Johannes for the win. The BBC will get their dream diversity winners one day. #Strictly2021 #strictly
I feel like I didn't even blink during John and Johannes' dance! I'm so mesmerised!!! By far my favourite Argentine tango, WOW #Strictly
Judge's Comments - John and Johannes Anton - That was as good as the paso doble Craig - I absolutely loved it Cynthia - I was crazy for it Shirley - THEY'RE BACK #Strictly
John & @jojo_radebe 's Argentine tango was superb! Wow! #strictly
Ok I know you can get grape flavoured tango at the shops which is cool, but where can you buy John and Johannes flavoured tango?!?! #strictly
What a way to finish the night! Incredible work from John and Johannes #Strictly
Wowww that's a DANCE! Stunning stunning performance John and Johannes! Lots of intensity and drama! #Strictly
YES John and JoJo!! Obsessed #strictly
John and Johannes better get 40!!! Wow! That was incredible #Strictly
That was hot as fuck from John and Johannes... #Strictly xx oh hello
John and Johannes as always, flawless. Hit every mark. Amazing! #strictly
#Strictly John and Johannes did the best dance ever. Loved them
John and Johannes, wow! #Strictly #SCD
Oh my, that was magnificent from John & Johannes. What a strong performance. #SCD #Strictly
That was a banging Argentine Tango from John & Johannes too. Absolutely superb. #Strictly
John and Johannes save the show!!!!! AH-MAZ-ING. #STRICTLY
John and Johannes just delivered one of the best dances of the series #StrictlyComeDancing
Woah #Strictly got me in a TIZ tonight! John and Johannes are on fire
John and Johannes! My favourite dance of theirs. #strictly
Loved the passion in that tango!! Go John! #Strictly
john and johannes have my whole heart #strictly
YES!!!! 10 for John & Johannes please! #Strictly
I always love John and Johannes, but I also always feel like John's movements need to be just a tad sharper. Like Johannes'. #Strictly
Here we go! John & Johannes! #Strictly #ArgentineTango
#Strictly. Couple 6: John and @jojo_radebe This week John and Johannes are dancing the incredible Argentine Tango. I've been looking forward to this all week. This going to be so beautiful. Good luck John.
John is an awesome dancer, if he ups the energy levels to match Johannes it will be magical #Strictly2021
My #scd2021 final would be AJ, Rose and John
Ben Cohen and John Whaite's rumba dances are the definition of what a Rumba is supposed to be. #Strictly
Giovanni's got his fringe out, Rose is rocking a goth look, AJ looks stunning, John and Johannes look incredible in their AT outfits... it's going to be a good week. #Strictly #scd
So excited for John and Johannes' Argentine Tango that I can hardly wait another half hour for #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD #Strictly2021
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