John Whaite

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Johannes Radebe
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Instagram: @john_whaite
That was absolutely incredible, still sat here in tears a joy to watch #JohnWhaite & @jojo_radebe show dance was just beautiful, energy, versatility Love love you so much,whatever happens you two are my winners! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2021 #strictly #strictlyfinal
I have my favourite and yeah either of them lifting the glitterball is all good for their talent and achievements but, honestly @jojo_radebe is just the most kind, hardworking and most adorable chap. I'm rooting for him to win with John. #Strictly #scd #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly. John and Johannes- Judges Choice Rumba: That was a gorgeous Rumba. One of the best I've ever seen. So beautiful so moving so authentic the detail in movement the hip action the chemistry and the story was all wonderful. John works so hard well done John.
My 2 favourite couples are in the #Strictly2021 final. They're both brilliant & inspirational. Although I have a #FreelanceStrictlySweep bias towards John & Johannes, I'm delighted that either will win. I'm finding all the dances emotional tonight. Best series ever!
I'm crying, John and Johannes... that was STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL, PHENOMENAL... I love those two so much Love Love Love Love Love Love #Strictly2021 #Strictly #strictlycomedancing @jojo_radebe
#Strictly. John and Johannes- Personal Choice: Pasodoble. I loved this dance the first time around enjoyed it even more the second time around. The power the passion the intension it was sensational. Great frame shaping and everything. This was so powerful and very impactful
Pirate Paso is stupendous. Utter mad, brilliant, bonkers, superb. Loved it more tonight. John was confident, strong & powerful. #Strictly2021 #StrictlyFinal
#Strictly2021 final Good luck to @jojo_radebe and @pernicegiovann1 Both fabulous dancers, great teachers and outstanding human beings
This VT has me in tears! My winners! boys I love you seeing that powerful paso doble again, passion, captivating, 40 points!! #JohnWhaite @jojo_radebe Love finally @CraigRevHorwood gave you a 10! #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly #strictly2021 #StrictlyFinal #TeamJojo
40 points again! Showdance was just amazing to watch, incredible journey so emotional/beautiful #JohnWhaite @jojo_radebe Love @CraigRevHorwood @MOTSI_MABUSE @ShirleyBallas @TheAntonDuBeke @ClaudiaWinkle @TessDaly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyFinal #strictly #TeamJojotowin
#strictly so happy to see the rumba again. John and Johannes are incredible. Beautiful rumba to a beautiful song #shapeofmyheart these two are the best ambassadors ever to same sex couple dancing Love John Whaite is such a beautiful person, impossible not to fall for him Love
#Strictly. John and Johannes: Judges Choice Rumba: I'm so pleased that John and JoJo got to dance their Rumba again. The first time we saw 2 men dance a slow dance on Strictly. What a gorgeous routine. Beautiful hip action and electric chemistry. I absolutely loved it!!! Love
I never vote (as long as I've watched) but have just voted for John & Jojo. Both couples are great; either winning would make a fantastic statement (BOTH deserve it), but a John & Jojo win would have had such a meaning for me growing up & I want that for gay kids today #Strictly
Aah, Strictly tonight. Felt quite emotional watching! Both very worthy winners but my votes have gone to John and Johannes. All such brilliant role models and incredible dancers. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2021
I have loved BOTH @bbcstrictly finalists from the start. But honestly, John & Johannes have smashed those dances! Creative, brave, innovative & demonstrating true dynamism! Amazing! #StrictlyComeDancing
Absolutely amazing! What a glorious showdance to end on. Joyful celebration of John and Johannes' journey but also of dance. Wonderful #Strictly
John and Johannes' showdance was an explosion of happiness. It was beautiful, fun and I'm so moved. John properly came out of his shell. Amazing. #Strictly
I think I want John to win just for Johannes, his little face makes me emotional #Strictly Whoever wins it won't be because they're deaf or gay, it's because they're amazing dancers and deserve it!
Personally think a lot of older people are still funny about same sex couples and maybe weren't ready for that. Personally wanted John and Johannes to win but happy for the winners anyway! #strictly #strictly2021
I give John and Johannes 10 out of 10! This was one of my favourite ever Showdances. Joyous, yet I had goosebumps. Absolutely incredible. Thank you. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
JOHN rumba - such grace and strength in one dance from both of them. John has such lovely pointy feet when stretching his leg out and it absolutely makes all the difference to his lines. A classy, pure, emotional and intimate dance that is a privilege to watch #Strictly
I adored that, wow! What a moment! #Strictly has been extraordinary tonight. What a final! Thank you so much John & Johannes for that celebration of love Love #NotADryEye @bbcstrictly
Wow!! Explosion. Celebration. Joy. Beauty. #strictly John and Johannes Love Love Love
I like both couples, and I will be happy for whichever of them wins, but I would love to see John and @jojo_radebe win #Strictly
You've got the love - an amazing song to sum up a wonderful series of #StrictlyComeDancing That dance with John and Johannesburg was stunning.
well done to john and Johannes as well so consistently brilliant and a pleasure to watch Love #strictly
Corrie, yes they have, but so have John and Jo-Jo. I have welled up several times in tonight's #StrictlyComeDancing final. Both finalists are wonderful and inspiring people. And my heat goes out to @AJOdudu. Co-winners would be the best result!
Holy crap that final show dance by john and johannes was one of the best things I've ever seen on TV it was the most emotional beautiful spectacular dance and it was pure JOY and THAT is why John and Johannes have my vote all the way! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021 #teamjohn
I think somehow I am lucky to be part of this moment. First the groundbreaking Jojo Siwa on #DWTS, now this final with John and Johannes Love #Strictly It's a great relief see so good representation!
I love them so much, such worthy winners. And congratulations to John and Johannes too for being so amazing Love #Strictly #IveGotSomethingInMyEye
Judge's Comments - John and Johannes - Judge's Choice Anton - That is the BEST rumba I've ever seen Craig - Classy as always, really brilliant Motsi - I LOVED it Shirley - I hope I get to dance the rumba with you one day #Strictly #Strictly2021
YOU'VE got the love we need John & @jojo_radebe Thank you so much for allowing us to share your incredible journey. Joyful joyful #Strictly
Almost time for Strictly. It all honesty, I'll be happy for either to win. Both are deserving winners, both representing minority groups that need more rep in media. But my queer heart is singing for John. #Strictly2021
Vote,vote, vote for your favourite- either way, both pairs are worthy winners. I've been team AJ & Kai from the beginning, so tonight I've split my vote and have given the edge to John & Johannes. Representation matters It's been a fantastic series. #Strictly
JOHN showdance - a very fitting end to the competition. Gorgeous montage dance; cleverly knitted together. The build up through the song was very clever. Johannes was living his best life and John was finally living through dance. Dance is amazing. I AM KNACKERED NOW #strictly
John & Johannesburg show dance was just wonderful the energy was fab-u-lous! Their party vibe was glorious! Loved it! #strictly2021
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