Rose Ayling-Ellis

Status: In
Professional: Giovanni Pernice
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 1.25
Implied Chances: 80%
Twitter: @RoseAylingEllis
Instagram: @rose.a.e
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 352 39 1,258 1,258
Week 1 911 20 3,555 2,407
Week 2 478 23 1,940 2,251
Movie Week 1,029 35 4,371 3,289
Week 4 620 29 1,921 2,744
Week 5 794 57 3,228 3,173
Halloween Week 1,626 129 6,355 3,835
Week 7 621 42 2,149 3,911
Week 8 1,715 101 6,996 5,167
Musicals Week 598 41 2,005 3,717
Week 10 580 40 1,354 3,452
Why does the band always sound so pitchy when Rose is dancing? #Strictly
All votes for rose and Giovanni tonight. #Strictly2021
So you're telling me Dan was better than Tilly, AJ, and Rose?! #strictly
Vote AJ Vote Rose #Strictly2021
TV FEATURES | Strictly Come Dancing 2021 | Interview with Rose Ayling-Ellis #Strictly
#strictly needing Tilly to massively balls up her dance because the potential of an AJ / Rose dance off is giving me anxiety
Ridiculous score for Rhys! #strictly votes for Rose this week
#Strictly The constant undermarking of @AJOdudu by the Judges really annoys me. They seem to be more harsher than her on everyone else, where as Rose will win anyway, but are more kind when she has made a mistake for example.
Still ADORE @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 on #Strictly. Loving how naturally the others are signing. Making me think of my fab Yr11 class on Thursday, showing off all of the signing they knew: glorious!
Rose and Giovanni are going to need your votes this week because they are close the bottom of the leader board. They need to be in the final and next week will probably be ballroom again and she excels at that. #Strictly
Why did none of the judges forget to mention Rose slipping at the end. I noticed it, obviously they didn't!! #Strictly
I hate couples choice - not a fan of that dance by AJ at all. That was a "yes, we're having sex" dance Rose was average and Dan wasn't great. Save the show John! Love #Strictly2021
What is she thinking @mrdanwalker rumba was not a 9, @RoseAylingEllis paso was better than a 8 #scd2021
Stop comparing Dan to Rose they are twocompletely different dances, both great people and both deserved the scores they got #strictly
#Strictly #TheDanTakeMeDownToRumbaTown Cynthia and Anton gave them THE SAME score as Rose & Gio, and #WhatIsShirleyBallasThinking a freaking better score than Rose?!
#strictly mad marking for Dan v Rose who is a star.
A 9!! Cynthia scored Dan higher than Rose. Oh behave, no way was that a better dance. #strictly
Not a chance Dan's awful dance was better than Rose's!! This really doesn't help with the rumours the show is a fix!!! #Strictly
How are there only 2 points between dan and rose... #Strictly
Cynthia is not saying Dan was better than Rose. I know that's not what Cynthia Erivo is saying #strictly
Dan was NOT better than Rose! Shocking scoring! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Oh FFS - those scores for Dan are ridiculous better than ROSE? Give me a break #strictly
Are they serious with these scores for Dan? Rose could have fallen flat on her face and still be better than Dan. Now rude! #strictly
HOW was that worth more than Rose?!!!! #Strictly2021 #strictly
Fuck off that was better than Rose, Cynthia #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I am loving the gems on #Rose's hearing aid. "I wanted to make it part of the outfit" ~ Rose Good stuff #Strictly2021 #Strictly
Missed Rose , not sure how it went #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I didn't like the music for Rose #Strictly2021 #Strictly
#strictly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing Love, Love, LOVE the "stand-in" judge!!! The fact that she goes out of her way to Sign when she is speaking to @RoseAylingEllis is amazing!!! @pernicegiovann1
I Love Rose If she doesn't win this I'll...... #StrictlyComeDancing
We continue to Stan a Queen when Cynthia prepared some BSL for Rose's feedback. #Strictly
Cynthia Erivo signing to @RoseAylingEllis just so lovely to see the effort!!!!! #strictly #Strictly2021 @pernicegiovann1 @bbcstrictly
What a soggy asparagus of a Paso Doble! @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 For a horrible moment, I thought that the @bbcstrictly were going to salivate over it as they have over so many of the curly ones that Rose has squitted on the dancefloor. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
that wasn't my favourite of rose's dances tbh, but she still did really well!!!! #strictly
That wasn't the best dance for Rose - but she is SUCH a captivating performer Love #Strictly
Gio and Rose were brilliant. To me that was PERFECT, stumble or not. #Strictly
Great moves #Rose I think the wrong song was picked for a paso though. #Strictly2021 #Strictly
Aww Rose don't be so harsh on yourself, you did brilliantly! I would've loved more power behind the moves and more shaping but it was still beautiful! #Strictly
Rose and Giovanni are always smoking!! #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly2021 Bloody hell, Rose and Giovanni !! Unbelievably fabulous
I think Rose struggled with that Paso - but her and Gio will be safe, it wasn't their best but it was still really, really good. #Strictly
#Strictly Rose and Giovanni - very dramatic, almost a fall at the end which was a pity. But very good.
#strictly bravery there from Rose, starting on her own, and a great Paso.
ROOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love #Strictly2021
Rose looks like trinity from The Matrix and I'm here for it. #strictly
#strictly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 This...Is...AMAZING!!!
ROSE Love Love Love Love Love Love #strictly
final 3 will be rose, aj and john with rose winning #strictly
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