Rose Ayling-Ellis

Status: Winner
Professional: Giovanni Pernice
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @RoseAylingEllis
Instagram: @rose.a.e
Final : Dance 3
Rose & Giovanni Showdance to The Rose The Final BBC Strictly 2021
Final : Dance 2
Rose & Giovanni dance Couple's Choice to Symphony The Final BBC Strictly 2021
Final : Dance 1
Rose & Giovanni Quickstep to Love Is an Open Door The Final BBC Strictly 2021
Semi-Final : Dance 2
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Argentine Tango BBC Strictly 2021
Semi-Final : Dance 1
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Waltz to How Long Will I Love You BBC Strictly 2021
Week 11
Rose and Giovanni American Smooth to This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) BBC Strictly 2021
Week 10
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Paso Doble to California Dreamin' by Sia BBC Strictly 2021
Musicals Week
Rose and Giovanni Quickstep to Love Is an Open Door from Frozen the Musical BBC Strictly 2021
Week 8
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice dance Couple's Choice BBC Strictly 2021
Week 7
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Samba to Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson BBC Strictly 2021
Halloween Week
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Tango to Shivers by Ed Sheeran BBC Strictly 2021
Week 5
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Viennese Waltz to Fallin' - Alicia Keys BBC Strictly 2021
Week 4
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Cha Cha Cha to Raspberry Beret by Prince BBC Strictly 2021
Movie Week
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Foxtrot to Rose's Theme from Titanic BBC Strictly 2021
Week 2
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Salsa to Cuba by The Gibson Brothers BBC Strictly 2021
Week 1
Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice Jive to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift BBC Strictly 2021
#Strictly2021 #RoseandGiovanni Stunning (Craig), Sensational (Motsi), Inspirational (Shirley), Just Perfect (Anton). Rose you are amazing. We all love you. You are a winner all the way. Love Love Love Love Love
Symphony is the best dance ever on @bbcstrictly - Rose & Giovanni are absolutely beautiful and sublime. I'm so emotional, and I guess everyone who's watching #Strictly2021 tonight feels the same. #StrictlyFinal winners to me! Good luck, @RoseAylingEllis Love
I've already cried twice with pure beautiful emotion and it's only been 40 mins. J&J and the Rumba - incredibly stunning passion & pure love celebrating #LoveIsLove and then Rose & Gio highlighting the deaf community in the most impactful way #Strictly2021
Both dancers have been great but for me Rose has to win. She has been the most consistent & brilliant every week, plus she showed all round brilliant dance talent. Ballroom is stunning, Latin is incredible & emotional beyond belief #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #StrictlyFinal
I taught @RoseAylingEllis RE at school. She was such a lovely young lady. And wow, what a beautiful young woman she has become. I don't usually watch #Strictly but this season I have cried like a baby event Saturday night Well done Rose. You did good. You did great. #Strictly2021
If that wasn't a series winning show dance I don't know what is. So beautiful, stunning lifts and the incredible chemistry between @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 just shines through. The most gorgeous dance in #strictly history for me
I just LOVE the relationship that @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 have I want them to win so much. #Rose, because she is a beautiful, kind, genuine & inspiring soul & #Giovanni because he bloody deserves to finally win. I've loved #Gio this series Love #Strictly2021
Congrats @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 for winning the #Strictly2021 final. You are both incredible & you are so inspirational to the #deaf & #bsl community Rose. You've done an amazing job in raising deaf awareness too. Superb!
Eeeeee strictly come dancing is such a joy #Strictly2021 @RoseAylingEllis to winnnnnn come on Rose! So sad about @AJOdudu she's incredible! Brilliant to have the guys in the final too. All so talented and diverse. Really love this xx #RoseandGiovanni #Equality
Oh I absolutely LOVE @RoseAylingEllis #rose the sweetest girl and most beautiful dancer EVER. Intelligent girl and bringing such an important awareness for the deaf community. Giovanni is lovely too. Well done Rose and Gio #RoseandGiovanni #Strictly2021
Congratulations @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 Love What a beautiful couple. Both finalists were so incredible and so thoroughly deserved to be in the finale. I adore you both. @bbcstrictly #Strictly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing
Yay!!!!!!! Well done Rose. A true inspiration what a journey you have had. You deserve the title of #Strictly champion 2021!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy and emotional right now. What a lovely person Rose is
Rose's bravery, spirit and palpable joy plus the mutual love, trust and respect she shares with Giovanni is what makes their partnership so special and gives them the ability to produce such beautiful dances #Strictly
Well done Rose & Giovanni incredible not being able to hear the music & dance like so beautifully. Giovanni has been amazing adapting to that too. Love Love Love #Strictly2021
#Strictly I absolutely love watching @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 dancing together, they're absolutely the sweetest, radiating joy, fondness & genuine warmth, but every time I watch them dance, I cry. Wonderful & I'm truly going to miss them. They're both so lovely.
Get in so thrilled for @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 so well deserved. They have been breathtaking to watch all series, it has been such a powerful and inspiring journey. Just like last year, a needed feel good end to the #Strictly series.
Voted for @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 to win #StrictlyComeDancing. There partnership is incredible & I have a feeling @lspraggan song on the VT has been a lucky charm for them. @bbcstrictly #strictly Love
As much as I want Rose to win, is AJ going to be the champion that never was? What a fantastic dancer. What an amazing woman. You are phenomenal! #Strictly #SCD
This years Strictly Come Dancing has been absolutely inspiring! Every dancer has had my heart and this finale had me in tears. Congratulations Rose and well done to everyone who danced! Thank you for making 2021 special! Love #Strictly2021
Dancing is brilliant but only Rose's brought me to tears. Rose for the win. But to everyone, all my love and thank you for bringing such joy in troubled time. My heart goes out to AJ and I hope we get to see your dances at some point in a future #Strictly2021 @bbcstrictly show
I've never cried so much in a #StrictlyComeDancing final! Beautiful, stunning, emotional! Both couples deserve to win! But Rose is my winner And the way @pernicegiovann1 looks at @RoseAylingEllis #Goals #ForeheadKisses
#NowWatching #StrictlyComeDancing This isn't something I normally do, but I just voted for #RoseandGiovanni 6 times! They deserve to win. @RoseAylingEllis & @pernicegiovann1 you've been amazing throughout! Beautiful! Good luck!
#Strictly. Rose and Giovanni: Couples Choice: I loved this routine the first time around and I loved it even more now. The silent moment in the middle spoke so many volumes. Deaf people can be accepted and can do anything. What a beautiful breathtaking and inspiring routine Love Love
The first time that dance made me cry. This time is no different. Beyond beautiful. So touching. @RoseAylingEllis is such an incredible young woman. Amazing Love #Strictly
Absolutely STUNNING! @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 you brought tears to my eyes with that final dance, on top of their Couples Choice.... Captivating, beautiful Rose to win @bbcstrictly #scd2021
I absolutely have just been reminded why I must vote for @TeamRio_SCD @RoseAylingEllis it is because she is deaf and is an incredible amazing woman that can dance - she is my winner and the world will be a better place for all of us watching this Love Love Love #Strictly
Don't think I'll be able to watch the #Strictly results tonight. Can't bear knowing that one of these superb couples won't win. Both @RoseAylingEllis & @StrictlyJohn are remarkable dancers and have ensured that #DiversityandInclusion is the real winner from this series Love
Yep, Rose is my winner for this year's Strictly just fabulous. Watching on catch up but she is such a beautiful dancer and she can't hear the music, she is amazing. That last dance was sublime. #StrictlyComeDancing
Absolutely STUNNING! @RoseAylingEllis brought tears to my eyes with that final dance, on top of her Couples Choice.... Captivating, beautiful Rose to win @bbcstrictly #scd2021
just finished work and ready to find out who wins this years #strictly from the beginning rose and giovanni have always been my winners and they fully deserve to win the glitterball. they have the most incredible friendship and it shows every week when they dance
Either would have been worthy winners in one of Strictly's best years ever But so pleased that Rose won what was a brilliant final #Strictly #scd #StrictlyFinal
Come on Giovanni and Rose 100% the best tonight #Strictly2021 absolutely incredible an inspiration on & off the dance floor anybody whos ever doubted themselves look at what Rose has achieved and believe in your self U can do it! Beautiful perfection @RoseAylingEllis x Italy
Whoa! @RoseAylingEllis and @pernicegiovann1 did it! What an incredible achievement for the outstanding duo. It shows deaf people can do anything. Such a beautiful and emotional moment. #strictly
Thanks @bbcstrictly for starting the show with my favourite ever song, #Strictly has been a real highlight over the last few months and I've got goosebumps already. Two incredible finalists I've loved since week 1 but Rose is edging it for us #KeepDancing
Well you made me cry yet again @RoseAylingEllis @pernicegiovann1 just absolutely stunning, beautiful Love Love Love Well done #Strictly
Rose has completely and utterly finished me this girl is such an inspiration and a beautiful soul ! Has to be my winner tonight Love what a amazing dancer, leader and shining light #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly21 #StrictlyComeDancing
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