Ugo Monye

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Oti Mabuse
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 5
Twitter: @ugomonye
Instagram: @ugomonye
Wow, didn't think anything could beat AJ & John,but Rosie was BEAUTIFUL, her & Gio have a great connection,you can see her 'hearing' the music by feeling it through him. I would have given out 2 10's & a 9 tonight,Ugo & Dan in the dance off #Strictly2021 #StrictlyCome
So good to see Ugo and Oti back. If John and Johannes weren't in the contest I'd love her to win again. #Strictly
John, Rose, Tilly and AJ were all incredible tonight! Also loved Tom, Dan and Adam! Felt sorry for Sara and Ugo getting the dreaded Rumba I love everyone though, don't want anyone to go! #Strictly
Don't really care what Ugo did. OTI WAS AMAZING!!! Love #Strictly
Oti & ugo are so stunning what a beautiful rhumba #Strictly
I feel like Ugo did a great job.. he wasn't technically brilliant BUT you could see the effort and story. Really enjoyed it and no way did it deserve a 3. #Strictly
I'm sure Ugo is a lovely dancer but I just watched Oti for that minute and a half. She is phenomenal #strictly
#Strictly Ugo. He obviously isn't 100% but still a good Rumba for someone with back issues. Would've liked more flow and passion but that's not easy with an ongoing injury. A good effort 6
Ok I know Ugo's rumba wasn't technically good. But dammm it was sexy! #strictly
OK Oti and Ugo did the sexy rhumba! Love #Strictly
Wow! Ugo looking like Issac Hayes in the film Shaft from the 70s, with @OtiMabuseOrg vamping it up. I loved that Rhumba. #strictly
I can't really comment on Ugo as I was far too busy ogling Oti who is stunning and obscenely talented and just amazing. #Strictly
I think @ugomonye struggled tonight. I did enjoy the dance, but it could definitely have been better. Great try though, and worth more than the 3 Craig scored them!! @bbcstrictly #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2021
#StrictlyComeDancing #strictly #week5 @bbcstrictly @ClaudiaWinkle @TessDaly @ShirleyBallas @MOTSI_MABUSE @CraigRevHorwood @TheAntonDuBeke @ugomonye @OtiMabuse brilliant! Well done you guys. So good to see you back!
I just love #StrictlyComeDancing .@OtiMabuseOrg fan all day long...she carried her partner well! Really tricky as totjnr just exclaimed well done but more work needed but tbf a week off .@ugomonye you'll bounce right back! we gave you a #LenSeven
So far either Sara, Dan, Adam or Ugo could be in the bottom 2 hope it's Adam lmao #Strictly
Wow I can't believe Ugo and Rhys drive the same CH-R what are the chances #Strictly
Good luck Ugo following THAT. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Sara, Tilly and Ugo in the bottom for me. Adam's jeans, John's baguette and Rose and AJ just being brilliant in the top. #Strictly
Cracking Ugo. What a great rhumba #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
My feelings about the rumba are well known. Ugo did his best but I'm never going to get too excited. Well done. #Strictly
Good luck Ugo, you're gonna need it with this dance. #strictly
I've voted AJ, Adam and Ugo got my sympathy vote cos I think he has more potential #Strictly
Not sure about Ugos dance there. It was good but I dunno it felt off a bit. Not his best. #strictly #strictlycomedancing
I liked @ugomonye and @otimabuse's rumba... they looked like a pair dancing naturally and having fun #strictly
Ugo and Oti score 20 (3,6,5,6) What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in Amazon UK Vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Ugo - Sultry yes, but not the best dance. I know he can do better but he really tried hard 6 #Strictly #Strictly2021 (deserved more than a 3 from Craig!).
I agree! @ugomonye and #Oti's rumba was better in my view than that danced by @SaraDaviesCC and @AljazSkorjanec and I love them all #StrictlyComeDancing
Welcome back Ugo and Oti!!! Love #strictlycomedancing
Great to see @OtiMabuse & @ugomonye back dancing on @bbcstrictly this week! If you're loving watching them perform, why not get your tickets to see Oti at the New Theatre next year? 28 - 30 APRIL '22 BOOK NOW! | 0343 310 0041 #StrictlyComeDancing
Ugo & Oti: ok but not great. Might just be me or fact it's rumba but I don't quite believe he's enjoying the experience. #Strictly
This is one of my favourite Bruno Mars songs. But.... Not one of Ugo's best dances and again, another romantic rumba. #womanonasofa #scd #strictly #strictlycomedancing
Yay love my Ugo and Oti #Strictly
Anyone enjoying Ugo & Oti's Rumba to Leave The Door Open on tonight's #Strictly will be delighted to find @BrunoMars is in my 2020s Pop Star Coloring Book on Amazon now! #adultcoloring #forkids
I'm glad Judi and Graziano get to make it through to next week with their covid leave because they seem nice but from past weeks they seemed destined to go this week. Without having seen any of the dances yet, first instinct says Ugo's the one to go since he's on rumba. #Strictly
#Strictly #SCD One likes nothing better than a Ugo gun show on a Saturday night! How utterly delicious!! x x x
Tom 8 prefer his Jive, probably bcs difficulty is increase Tilly 8 I think this better than her Charleston AJ 9 if she can point her toes more straight, no doubt a ten Ugo 4 I love Oti's outfit #Strictly
As much as I love Queen Oti... Ugo isn't up to the standard, he should be in the dance off after that performance. #Strictly
Ooo good rumba from Ugo and Oti, Ugo needs to relax more though felt like he was very stiff within his hips and his free leg #strictly
Honestly what did Tess expect Craig to say to that?? 'Yeah actually you're right sorry brill Ugo 10 from me' #strictly
Oti and Ugo this is bloody gorgeous! There's some proper chemistry this year #Strictly
I love Oti but really unbothered about Ugo #Strictly
Oh dear, not Ugo's best. Sorry:( #strictly
#Strictly Ugo and Oti: A good Rumba from Ugo and Oti. However for me he looks very stiff and quite wooden. He needs more figure of 8 rotation in the hips. I feel he could of pushed himself more if he didn't have his injury. Not his best dance for me. Agree with Craig.
Good effort by Ugo but did not keep my attention. #strictly
Oti and Ugo look amazing together #Strictly
UGO rumba - was he even there...? Oti looked absolutely beautiful. Was mostly a 'pro dances round the celeb' type of dance. He was laboured and very much "step follows step" rather than a dance from start to end. Didn't exude much confidence or belief. Shame 5 #strictly
#strictly top faves tonight AJ Rhys Ugo John Tom
Ooo good rumba from Ugo and Oti, Ugo needs to relax more though felt like he was very stiff within his hips a mind free leg #strictly
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