Rhys Stephenson

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nancy Xu
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @RhysStephenson1
Instagram: @rocketrhys
I mean, whoever goes through to the final, whoever wins, I just want to say thank you AJ, Rose, Rhys and John and their pros for an incredible, emotional, entertaining and joyous evening. Me of the best strictly nights ever. #scd #strictly
#Strictly. Rhys and Nancy ( Samba). I enjoyed Rhys and Nancy's Samba Wonderful energy that was packed full of content. Those shimmys were sensational. Nancy looks hot as well. Great footwork and timing Well done Rhys that was brilliant.
#Strictly. Rhys and Nancy: A great start to the show. I loved the song choice. Rhys's solo section at the beginning was really good. His frame was great and there was some good sticarto moments in there. Well done Rhys I enjoyed that Rock and roll Tango it was excellent.
Wow!!!!! #Rhys, if that's not a winner, I don't know what is!! Great tune - fabulous dress. #Strictly
Donna's verdict:Rhys & Nancy: score: 8Beautiful and elegant Tango! Love the footwork with good strong arm frames! They have a strong connection and they're bold! Live blog:
I just feel like @RhysStephenson1 is such a nice guy, he seems like such an energetic fun dude and i would love to be friends with him honestly #strictly
I give Rhys and Nancy 9 out of 10. This was incredible! I loved this - this was the best Samba of the series so far, in my opinion! Rhythmical, but a few of the steps were too spiky. Adored it though! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Great opening performance from @RhysStephenson1 & @Nancy_xuxi on @bbcstrictly Loved that Tango. Fab costumes from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & team Loved the music from @SCDband & singers too Well done everyone #Strictly
It's not really fair is it, we get a wonderful dancer who happens to be deaf and one who is gay and dancing with mother man in one series. And AJ and Rhys, all superb. And yet one time that breakfast sport man won #strictly
Wow! Loved Rhys & Nancy's tango! Great open to the #semifinal Love @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #strictly2021
Rhys and Nancy: The Solo section at the start from Rhys was really good. His confidence has grown a lot. I found his legs slightly awkward but I still enjoyed it. Good frame and very sticarto which I loved. Well done Rhys great job #Strictly
RHYS tango - Hacker in the vt, nice! Brave opening solo bit but only emphasised off-timing and sloppy ankles. Once in hold they worked as an entire unit and felt smooth, cohesive and controlled. Definitely better when fully in hold. Great frame and attitude, Bravo 8 #strictly
Woiiiiiii Rhys & Nancy's samba awesome, the moves, rhythm absolutely incredible!! Love 38 points! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly #Strictly2021 #semifinal @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi
#Strictly I'm not sure who I want to win most. Rhys and AJ are my favourites I think. My life, those 2 first dances were incredible!
First round of dances: Rhys - Excellent. AJ - Fabulous. John - Emotional. Rose - Exquisite. #Strictly
Only one word for Rose & Giovanni's tango - WOW! #Strictly #SCD Unless something goes very wrong next week, she's the winner (& that's not to take from the other couples, who are also superb. I have a feeling Rhys will go this week).
How lovely is @RhysStephenson1 's dad? Gorgeous dance. Great way to open tonight's #Strictly Love
Johns VT made me cry, Roses dance made me cry, Rhys made me happy, and AJs made me fall in love. What a week! #strictly
Would love Rhys, John and AJ in the final please. Hard to pick. Rose of course very good. But they're my dream top 3 couples for the final. Amazing stuff. The real winners are actually us - We've been spoiled as viewers! #Strictly
Nice pace and lovely energy from Rhys and Nancy - I didn't think that One Vision would be a great tango song, but it worked surprisingly well. #Strictly
Wow, Rhys & Nancy look amazing! Love #Strictly
Well done Rhys that was great - fab music too! #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
Ooh, that's woken me up! Brilliant! Well done Rhys! Loved Nancy's dress, too. #SCD #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 1: @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi Kicking off the show tonignt it's Rhys and Nancy. After an incredible Argentine Tango last week. Rhys is kicking off tonight with a Tango good luck Rhys and Nancy
#Strictly I now want John and Johannes to win. But Rhys was very good just now. And I was against the same sex couples thing, but it's worked, fair play.
#strictly Not sure I loved 'One Vision' (great song though) for a Tango but it's nice to see Rhys get himself more under control and not just be flailing arms and legs everywhere.
Enjoyed that from Rhys and Nancy, what a good way to open the show. Strong, good technique and great chemistry. 9 from me! #strictly
Rose and Giovanni are my favouritesbut would love to see Rhys is the final. He is a lovely human being and has made a determined effort throughout the series. #strictly
Nice shaping out of hold from Rhys but it feels more Paso than Tango & his feet are turned in as well. It wasn't his greatest dance but a great start to semi-final night. #StrictlyComeDancing
i love how fun and energetic rhys and nancy's dances are! #Strictly
Don't know why #Rhys didn't get 10's for his fabulous dance. Just as worthy as J&J's lovely dance. #Strictly
One vision, one red hot Tango from the one and only @RhysStephenson1! Wonderful start to the semi-finals and a fantastic first dance from Rhys and @Nancy_xuxi! Would you like to see them perform this dance on the live tour? #Strictly
Donna's verdict: Rhys & Nancy : score: 9 Love their dance with energetic vibe, the rhythms is fantastic bouncing from one another. I have always love their energy dance! Live blog: #Strictly
#Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD Fan of all Semi-Finalist. Rhys, Aj & Rose are amazingly talented. However, due to his consistency, his enthusiasm, his commitment & criticism from the Homophobes, l'd really like John to win.
Loved Rhys and Nancy's tango, it was fun. His shoulders dropped slightly at times but overall it's great! #Strictly
Well done Rhys...Beautiful and nailed it Xxxzxx #Strictly
#strictly #bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #week12 #semifinal @bbcstrictly @ClaudiaWinkle @TessDaly @ShirleyBallas @MOTSI_MABUSE @CraigRevHorwood @TheAntonDuBeke @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi well done you guys! That was an awesome samba!
That was incredible!!! Love Rhys!!! #Strictly
Rhys and @Nancy_xuxi out there on his own for a good 10 seconds at the beginning, so brave and nowhere to hide. Did brilliantly. #Strictly
It's so cute how Nancy is genuinely every bit as excited as Rhys whenever they get good comments #Strictly
Rhys and Nancy's first dance was so so good, they were amazing! This pairing has talent and more talent #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#strictly #bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #week12 #semifinal @bbcstrictly @ClaudiaWinkle @TessDaly @ShirleyBallas @MOTSI_MABUSE @CraigRevHorwood @TheAntonDuBeke @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi well done you guys! That was awesome!
That was a fantastic vision of a Tango Rhys loved it :))))))#StrictlyComeDancing
Wow Rhys and Nancy ( not sure he always kept his frame) but fab! #Strictly
Rhys has always been my favourite. He may not have always been the best, but I do love how he dances. #StrictlyComeDancing
Judge's Comments - Rhys and Nancy Shirley - It was absolutely brilliant Anton - It was a marvelous effort Motsi - You fought so hard for this dance Craig - You absolutely smashed it #Strictly #Strictly2021
Well done Rhys! One goal, one vision indeed! Cracking opener. #SCD #Strictly
Rhys made the Samba look effortless. It was superb. #Strictly
Wow Reece brilliant and consistent! What a Samba #StrictlyComeDancing
I wasn't convinced there was a connection between Rhys and Nancy to begin with but now they are superb together. A really strong bond. #Strictly
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