Rhys Stephenson

Status: In
Professional: Nancy Xu
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 250.00
Implied Chances: 0%
Twitter: @RhysStephenson1
Instagram: @rocketrhys
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 170 14 405 405
Week 1 354 13 1,015 710
Week 2 267 5 746 722
Movie Week 353 3 1,092 951
Week 4 228 8 524 787
Week 5 222 7 578 731
Halloween Week 316 8 627 576
Week 7 289 2 653 619
Week 8 620 8 1,593 958
Musicals Week 324 6 435 894
Week 10 549 10 763 930
Order of preference for me: 1. John 2. AJ 3. Rose 4. Rhys 5. Dan 6. Tilly Votes for John, AJ and Rose obvs. #Strictly #scd
Last week Tess, pointed out his (Rhys) mistakes, and today she talks to him like he's 5 years old. WOW, just WOW #Strictly
Tilly and Rhys in the dance off is my prediction. #Strictly
Shirley. Babe. No hun. Stop it. Rhys was not a 10. All this is doing is making me realise how much I missed Craig last week. #Strictly
No sign of tears when Rhys was 'crying' #strictly
not me crying over Rhys' grandparents #Strictly
Awww, even I started welling up when Rhys' Grandma & Grandpa sent well wishes from the Cayman Islands #Strictly2021 #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
10 from Shirley to Rhys???? Is she out of her mind???? #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I LOVE Rhys!!!!! I want him to stay 100% But that wasn't a 10 And Craig's look at Shirley was #Strictly
I do not enjoy any of Rhys's dances and I'm not completely sure why but I think he just never seems part of a couple - always seems to be 'all about him' (is that a fair impression?) #Strictly2021
#Rhys has me teary #Strictly2021
What is wrong with Shirley Ballas?! I think he's lovely but no way was Rhys a 10 #strictly
Nope still baffled. I enjoyed Rhys's dance but AJ and Rose nailed it more #strictly
Something really cringe/seriously off putting about AJ & Kai, genuinely don't know why either Both her & Rhys getting a 10 from Shirley really? Her scoring is literally all over the place this year. Maybe time for a new Head Judge possibly? #Strictly
#Strictly Amazing Rhys and Nancy!!! Me and my girls ,(and Hacker probably) love you!! @bbcstrictly
Oh God don't bring back Cynthia AJ gets 8 ?! (deserved a 10) Hope Rhys gets the correct points .. Wait.. Jesus ..hold my hat, Craig is transmitting nonsense..and they always give Dan better scores.. Hmmmm #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing Rhys and Nancy's Waltz was good, hopefully he gets decent marks this week, oh my god is Craig watching the same dance, 35 was deserved
Rhys please please don't take Craigs comments to heart #StrictlyComeDancing
Rhys Love #strictly
Rhys did ok, nothing special! #Strictly
Craig is literally correct, why do they baby Reece instead of speaking the truth #strictly
Oh Rhys you're killing me #strictly
Rhys giving Matt Hancock a run for his money for Best crocodile tears on live TV #Strictly
The only thing I can say about that is awwww!! I think this might be my favourite ballroom from Rhys. Latin is more his thing but I really enjoyed it. I think 8. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a 9 or two. #strictly
Tess was talking to Rhys like he's a baby so much I thought she was going to pick him up and change his nappy on the judges table. #strictly #scd
#Strictly2021 Rhys rise and fall? Length of stride? No leadership? Not his best dance!
Rhys and Nancy was so lovely (Also booooooo Craig) #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing
Reece kept in time well tonight. With the slower dances up to now he's been way too fast. Perfect timing tonight. Best of his ballroom by far #strictly
Why is Tess talking to Rhys as if he's six? #strictly #scd
rhys is so sweet :((( #strictly
Tess talking to Rhys like he's a toddler is not it #Strictly
Wtf. Why is tess Daley speaking to Rhys like he is a small child. Ffs. #Strictly2021
Beautiful waltz from Rhys and Nancy. And omgggg Nancy is so gorgeous. Solid 9 from me. #Strictly
Wonderful romantic dance Rhys, well done, I'm sure you were breathing throughout too !!! #Strictly
#Strictly That was good from Rhys. You don't need to try the fake crying for extra points.
Why is Tess speaking to Rhys like he's a 3 year old? She's unbearable #Strictly2021
Tess talking to Rhys like he's a toddler #Strictly
I love Rhys but why do I have a feeling he won't make it to the final #Strictly
#strictly pull yourself together you #wimp #rhys
Rhys and Nancy. That was beautiful. #scd2021
Rhys' Waltz was his best ballroom, smashed it #Strictly
How adorable is 'calm' Rhys And here's my weekly - I love Nancy #Strictly
I love Rhys..he's a good egg #strictlycomedancing #Strictly2021
Wow... Rhys has been improving, beautiful.... #Strictly
Rhys concentrating so much on technique there's no character there #strictly #scd
#strictly #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing I just don't like Rhys (as a dancer) he is too "bouncy" and "hyper" BUT Nancy as a professional is amazing
I like Rhys but he has too much energy if that makes sense?? #Strictly
Not sure how Rhys and Nancy will do at a waltz. Is not fast or active enough for him. #Strictly
Next it's Rhys and Nancy. Dance off survivors and 7th in last week's poll at with 5.31% This week they have a Waltz to You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlySpoiler
Rhys and Nancy : Waltz to You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston. A solid choice, giving Rhys a chance to show a gentle side. This track's got a great tempo for waltzing. Been used loads of times on TV Dance shows - twice on #Strictly @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi @bbcstrictly
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