Tilly Ramsay

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nikita Kuzmin
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 10
Twitter: @tillyramsay
Instagram: @tillyramsay
I feel SO proud of Tilly, her performance in that dance was so good Love she has blossomed so beautifully during this competition and it's been such a pleasure to watch #Strictly
#Strictly aw well done Tilly. Good job. Not the best Samba but it's a hard dance and I enjoyed it. Well done girl x
tilly got me in my feels so hard oh my gosh. i do agree with shirley about the arms and tidying up. ramsay has got me feeling proud papa vibes. great advise from anton. again agree with craig but such an amazing couple, dance and she shines so bright. #Strictly2021
Loving @tillyramsay confidence and fun, in this #Samba bit hit and miss in places but she did a good job and I really really want the outfit! Love @bbcstrictly #strictly
Well done @tillyramsay beautiful performance! @GordonRamsay surely you and Mrs Ramsay are so very proud!? She did fantastically well on her Samba and looking as beautiful as ever! #Strictly2021 @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #tillyramsay #TillyAndNikita
Tilly - good effort, fun and her personality shined wasn't her best however but good go at hard dance 8 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Loved that from Tilly - a young girl literally just living her best life on the #Strictly dance floor. Wasn't the best technically at times but can't fault her effort, diamond Love
Rebecca's verdict: Very enjoyable party-vibes from Tilly's samba! It felt at times more like a salsa as it was loose in places. I love Tilly's bouncy, happy vibes. Great effort! 8. Live blog: #Strictly
#strictly that was quite good I enjoyed it tbh... it's a hard dance so well done tilly! Love
Well done Tilly, not your best dance but was fun to watch. #Strictly
Tilly is such a lovely smiley girl. What a fun dance that was. She gets my vote tonight just for the fun and smiles #strictly #Strictly2021 #strictlycomedancing #BBCStrictly
#Strictly. Couple 5: Tilly and Nikita. After achieving the perfect score last week; this week Tilly and Nikita are dancing the "Dance of death" the Samba. One of my fav Latin routines good luck Tilly
That Samba from Tilly was AMAZING! WOW! That was so much fun to watch. She gave it 1000% #Strictly
#Strictly Well done Tilly! It looked fun and it was, and she is loving it! and I'm loving her!
Tilly definitely gave that a good go. Fun energy and performance, but in terms of technique I don't think it was the strongest. #Strictly #scd
Omg Tilly Ramsey that was great Love well done girl #Strictly
TILLY samba - that...top...is...hypnotic... Another good choro masterclass by Nikita with a wide range of steps and rhythms. However footwork was stompy and slightly disjointed in her body rather than letting her body go with the flow. That said she was having fun! 7 #strictly
I honestly love how Tilly throws herself into every routine. She gets into the vibe of every dance. Confident and fun always. #Strictly
#Strictly please vote Tilly, she's brilliant, love her xx
'Good effort' is really damning with faint praise. Tilly made a 'good effort' #Strictly
Two very proud parents right there! Well done @tillyramsay you did just amazingly well! @GordonRamsay, what effects you more, Tilly dancing or chopping onions? @bbcstrictly #Strictly2021 #strictly #tillyramsay #TillyAndNikita
I proper like Tilly. That was great and she looked amazing! I'm going to vote for her as she needs it and she deserves to go on. #scd #strictly
Loved Tilly's samba, she had so much fun and it made me want to join in! Judges clearly watching a different dance to us #Strictly
Tilly was amazing! One of my favourite dances of hers Love #Strictly
Not Tilly's best dance tonight but still good. I think the scoring was fair on that dance, although some of the others tonight have been well off #strictly
Tilly's journey has been amazing to watch, her confidence has gone through the roof and she looks so much more comfortable!!! #Strictly
Love Tilly , brilliant effort #strictly
A fun and fabulous Samba from Tilly and Nikita! What score would you give them this week? #strictly
Tilly's deffo improved and she's got the good hip action and wiggling Love #strictlycomedancing
Tilly's Samba had the same energy as Mollie King's in that it was messy but tremendous fun and 90% hair. I was here for it. #Strictly
It's really lovely to see how much more confident and happier in her skin that Tilly has become since the start #Strictly
Difficult dance that. Loved the choreography. Good, but not Tilly's best. #SCD #Strictly
That was a fun, sassy samba from Tilly and I loved it! #Strictly
Say what you want about Tilly but I just see a young girl having fun and im here for it #Strictly
Fantastic. Tilly and Nikita REALLY put that across! Joyous! Bit muted from the judges. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #Strictly2021
Tilly's confidence is through the roof now! Can't imagine Tilly from the start of the series being like that. Was sloppy in places but I can accept that when someone is going for it and enjoying it. I Loved it. #Strictly
The samba was fun, I think Tilly did a good job. 7 from me. #Strictly
Tilly: Good floor coverage and great torso-shaking sections. All the big stuff is great fun. But the basic samba walks lacked a lot of bounce. Needs more softness in the knees and bit more attack in the arms. 7 #strictly
Yes I LOVE Tilly, she's great #Strictly2021
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