Tilly Ramsay

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nikita Kuzmin
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 10
Twitter: @tillyramsay
Instagram: @tillyramsay
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 179 3 158 158
Week 1 304 4 769 464
Week 2 391 9 996 641
Movie Week 212 3 336 700
Week 4 458 8 747 693
Week 5 615 9 1,739 941
Halloween Week 344 1 900 1,129
Week 7 278 4 664 1,101
Week 8 344 5 608 724
Musicals Week 818 6 1,079 784
Week 10 535 9 759 815
Rhys and Tilly in the dance off tomorrow! #Strictly
Scoring is so skewed tonight Tilly's samba was awful how did that get two 8's ugh *eyeroll* #Strictly
I reckon the dance off will be Tilly and Rhys. Possibly Dan. And I'm really not sure who will go. #Strictly
How the hell is Tilly at the bottom below Dan really? Gona be the 2 of them in this week's dance off right? Knowing the Judge's they'll totally fuck up yet again by getting rid of the obviously better performer (Tilly) #Strictly
Tilly got fewer marks than Dan? #Strictly2021
This better be a dance off between tilly and Dan #Strictly
okay so dan had more critiques than tilly but they still scored him higher??? make it make sense #Strictly
So you're telling me Dan was better than Tilly, AJ, and Rose?! #strictly
Tilly and Rhys in the dance off is my prediction. #Strictly
how did tilly get less than dan??? they underscored her like she was fumbling all over the place #Strictly
Tilly to go - she's outstayed her welcome. #StrictlyComeDancing
taxi for tilly #strictly
Tilly was under marked she did incredibly. And AJ, justice for them #Strictly
Tilly, bless her, is very gracious. #Strictly
Tilly getting lower than Dan?? REALLY??? #strictly
OK so tilly scored less than Dan hm #Strictly
Tilly's dance the only one that's held my attention tbh tonight but judges acting like she came out and tripped over her feet #strictly
tilly looks so good tho her hair and makeup is amazing #strictly
The second tune tonight that is on my Spotify playlist. I enjoyed Tilly tons more tonight than last week. Mind you I was looking at Nikita most of the time-the boy can dance Latin. #Strictly
Loving @tillyramsay confidence and fun, in this #Samba bit hit and miss in places but she did a good job and I really really want the outfit! Love @bbcstrictly #strictly
Gordon Ramsey...oh the camera's on me, better rub me eyes. Every time I loved the energy of Tilly's samba. #scd2021
I think Tilly is improving each week. There were a few awkward steps I thought but I love her energy and love how she throws herself into the dances each week. #Strictly
Tilly's confidence is through the roof now! Can't imagine Tilly from the start of the series being like that. Was sloppy in places but I can accept that when someone is going for it and enjoying it. I Loved it. #Strictly
~Gordon~ Tilly was average. #Strictly
I feel SO proud of Tilly, her performance in that dance was so good Love she has blossomed so beautifully during this competition and it's been such a pleasure to watch #Strictly
If Tilly gets higher than 5s it will be criminal #Strictly
I'm not sure what Tilly was doing, I was watching Nikita #Strictly
Tilly made a few mistakes. Shame #Strictly
Tilly looks fab #Strictly
Omg Tilly Ramsey that was great Love well done girl #Strictly
Tilly's Samba was good but was stompy at times. 7 #Strictly
Tilly Ramsey living her best life on that floor #Strictly2021
Well done young 'un I thought that samba was one of Tilly's best dances. #strictly
Like #Tilly but it was only smiles and shakes #Strictly
Bloody LOVED THAT Tilly #Strictly
Here's spoilt Daddy's girl Tilly #Strictly
seems good from Tilly, lots of boofing about, #Strictly
#Strictly Tilly the female version of Dan of the show...... But daddy has fixed it for you baby cash
Gordon Ramsays phone bill must be massive #Strictly2021
I think Tilly will go this week... #strictly
It's already a mess from Tilly #Strictly
See you in the dance off Tilly #strictly
Tilly and Nikita make a really cute couple #strictly
Are all the 10's being kept for John and Tilly? #Strictly2021
#Strictly wtf @AJOdudu got less than #tilly last week chuffing nonsense
What the fook does AJ have to do to get tens? This is getting ridiculous. I'm sure Tilly could do the feck'n Hokey Cokey and get 40 tho #Strictly
Tess looks stunning tonight.. Dan is still .. AJ deserves a place in the final... And wtf is chubby ramsay still doing in the competition #Strictly2021 #Strictly
Can we agree its time for Dan to go, glad he has been enjoying himself, but he is not anywhere near say Tilly and the endless chat back is well...anyway #Strictly2021
Is Craig going to be that hard on Tilly tonight after that scoring fiasco last week?! #Strictly
Well I am going to start watching #StrictlyComeDancing but if one of the judges ignores the fact that Tilly is dancing ahead of her partner (not following), and has a turned in right foot, then I will go elsewhere.
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