Adam Peaty

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Katya Jones
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 7
Twitter: @adam_peaty
Instagram: @adam_peaty
#Strictly. Adam and Katya: What a fantastic start to the show. I loved this Jive. It was fast paced action packed full of character and great content. Well done to Katya on the choreography. Adam's jive flicks and kicks were brilliant too. I really enjoyed that dance.
#Strictly. Adam and Katya: A great start to the show. I loved the whole character of the dance. He's got a great personality and great energy. He did make a mistake and he had sickled feet. Other then that he did well. Some good kicks and flicks and jive content. Well done Adam
I find it so amazing and iconic that Adam Peaty won 8227272777117 gold medals at the Olympics then ran to do Strictly #strictly
1st Couple @bbcstrictly Adam & Katya - Jive Adam looked on a mission to beat his personal best. It was fun, quick I sometimes wonder if Adam tried to hard but I enjoyed it. Lots of flicks. I would score a 8 #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021
Watching #Strictly behind time because I went to watch Beauty & the Beast @ the Playhouse (fab, magical). Just watching Adam
Sweet Jesus, who wouldn't give an arm & a leg to wake up looking like a mix of @adam_peaty & @Harry_Styles. Imagine the charm, talent & sex appeal in equal measures.. #Strictly
Rebecca's verdict: What a fun routine! I love how Adam gives every routine his all, his energy really makes me smile. Some timing issues and a couple of mistakes, but I really appreciate the effort put into it! Score: 6. Live blog:
#Strictly. Couple 1: It's @adam_peaty and @Mrs_katjones After surviving the dance off last weekend. Adam and Katya are coming back fighting this week with an energetic jive. Good luck Adam I've been looking forward to this all week
ADAM'S BEST DANCE!! WOW!! Love Love #Strictly
That dance was so fun, I really enjoyed it! Adam smashed that #Strictly
Adam that was an incredible performance congratulations #StrictlyComeDancing
I LOVED @adam_peaty's Jive!! I would've given it more than 27! I thought he did a marvellous job #Strictly
Adam Peaty look very sexy tonight in that outfit although anything we wears he can make look good ha ha #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly #Strictly2021 #strictlyspoiler #strictlysaga
Jive is a hard dance Adam. You did really well considering how hard the Jive could be. You've worked hard all week and Katya is the best teacher you could get. Well done Adam #Strictly
Very good 1st dance from Adam! That was 1 of his best I m o #StrictlyComeDancing
First up, Adam and his fabulous arse Love #Strictly
Good luck Adam #strictly
Fair score for Adam let's hope it's enough to save him #StrictlyComeDancing
Loved that Adam. Thought his technique was very good #Strictly
Only a few mins in and Anton's complimenting Adam's balls. Love this show! #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly
Adam's Jive kicks and flicks were clean but perhaps too much energy put into them. Overall a great routine. 9 #Strictly
Adam and Katya score 27 (6,7,7,7) What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I wasn't a fan of the music something seemed missing it felt like the same pace throughout the dance. The solo was good on the prop Adam 6 from me #Strictly
motsi's hair is everything! Love sorry adam&katya, your jove wasn't half as impressive #strictly
Not a bad jive from Adam. Good kicks and flicks. The feet could be more pointed and bum is still sticking out. A 7 #Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Great energy and strong foot movements. He went off time and he is so not a natural dancer. Adam and Katya - 7. #Strictly
Adam: below the waist should be the hardest bit of jive, but he has great flicks and retractions/recovery of steps. But hands splayed, and face not as light as the feet. You know swans being graceful above waist, but frenetic under the surface? The exact opposite. 7 #strictly
Good effort and energy Adam. #Strictly 7
Good jive from Adam & Katya, good sharp flicks & kicks. Enjoyed that #Strictly2021
#StrictlyComeDancing good first dance from Adam is it enough to save him from the dance off this week
#Strictly oh dear Adam. The kicks and flicks should be pointed downward. Bit of a can can job there. Great effort but wasn't you're dance I'm afraid.
Adam did well tonight ipebebing the show I still don't think he's one of the strongest but it was a good dance 6 #Strictly
Great jive full of energy and character @adam_peaty @Mrs_katjones #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Liked the old school theme of Adam and Katya's jive but something was missing for me. Adam's energy is always good but his footwork needs work. And Katya seemed off today? 6 from me #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Well done @adam_peaty and @Mrs_katjones #StrictlyComeDancing
#strictly Motsi loves Adam's energy levels *drinks*
I'm looking forward to Adam's jive this will be amazing #Strictly
I'm behind with #Strictly but think Adam was sold short by that routine. He obviously has the energy and great flicks and kicks. No Pulp Fiction though.
Brilliant jive Adam. #StrictlyComeDancing
Not a bad effort from Adam #strictly
Adam and Katya are both so gorgeous I am in luv x #strictly
I love a Peaty relative! #strictly
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