Dan Walker

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nadiya Bychkova
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 11
Twitter: @mrdanwalker
Instagram: @mrdanwalker
Dan has been fun at times but I really hope he goes this week and leaves the 4 best couples to participate in the SFs. Personally I find the others both more entertaining and better dancers #Strictly
I love @GotanProjectOff and that Santa Maria track is great But sadly Dan is just not up to the standard of the other quarter finalists Worthy of congratulations for huge achievements but it will be unjust if he gets through this week Just saying Be fair #Strictly #tango
Good luck, Dan. I hope you win. #Strictly
I think Dan Walker is lovely, but if anyone else goes home today, the voting is skewed. The rest are excellent dancers. Truly stunning in comparison! #Strictly2021
Strictly Come Dancing wish for the next few weeks: Dan to go out this week, Rhys (as much as I adore him & his dancing) & then Rose, AJ & John in the final with any of them winning will make me happy! #Strictly #Strictly2021
Oh dear Dan. Thank goodness Nadiya is amazing! #Strictly
In earlier seasons, Dan would for sure have been top of the pile and my favourite but there are too many far better dancers than him this season. That tango was fab but he's always overshadowed by the better dancers. #Strictly
I'm starting to wonder what the best tactical vote is now to get Dan in the dance off. Is it to vote for John, or is it statistically better to vote for the top of the leader board? #Strictly
Drawn into the drama much ... Wow you'll were amazing, such a straight back & neck - beautiful and tense . #tango #Strictly #Dan
No wonder people say Shirley shows favoritism. I LOVE Dan!! But that wasn't his best dance. Out of hold was amazing but in hold his posture was shocking. You can't give a 9 for that level of dancing. #strictly
Nadiya looks gorgeous & did a great job of distracting me from Dan so I can't say whether he was any good or not. I did quite enjoy it though. #Strictly
Wow Craig is being really nice to Dan! It wasn't my favourite of Dan's performances but there were no mistakes and he was good #Strictly
I love that Dan has managed to stay in based on people's votes. It's rare you get the opportunity to see someone who's never danced before progress and improve so much #Strictly #scd
Dan's had his time, for me. Yes, I just said poop away to Anton. Agreed agreed agreed. He's fine, it's decent, but at this stage the others are SO GOOD. Enough already, Dan. #Strictly #scd2021 #Strictly2021
I think I've come to a point that it's time to accept Dan is going to win this No matter how sh*te he dances (Shirley will be throwing up tens) the public seem to love him #Strictly
I don't get why @mrdanwalker gets so much stick for still being on the show. Does it have to be the 'best' dancers? He's improving every week. He tries his hardest and takes it seriously. Plus his partnership with @Nadine_Writes is incredible. #StrictlyComeDancing
At least Anton was honest this week about Dan. This is what I love about Anton he's always so honest. That Tango wasn't good. There was gapping really bad balance and posture issues. Great intensity though. I liked the music but it's bye bye Dan now. #Strictly
Wow wow wow Rhys was amazing, I think he's had more of a journey than Dan #Strictly
Wow. Dan was as good as John. Yeah right. #Strictly.
Dan is a nice guy but it's a dancing competition. Don't vote him into the semi final over someone who is so much better than him just because you think he's sweet #Strictly
You are the best of all Dan ! Why every viewer is your fan. When you're in the groove, We all very much approve !#Strictly
He might be the weakest on paper but you wouldn't know it after that dance! Dan Walker I salute you. He keeps surprising and improving. That was a magnificent routine. #Strictly
Loved Dan and Nadia's tango. #Strictly Wow!
Dan is sweet and he's trying his best but he has to be in the dance off this week otherwise it is just not fair on the other dancers #Strictly
Oh NO what a shame!! Cos that was a real showstopper! She's just amazing - the elegance and speed of her limbs!! If Dan's was a 9, that was a 15!!! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
so if AJ and Kai are in the dance-off they are a gonna?? Dan and Rose aren't going to be in the dance off, and Rhys had such a good dance he would easily win and it would be close with John #Strictly
Completely agree with Anton on this one. I agree that Dan was great in the opening but the actual tango part wasn't good. #Strictly #scd
Dan & Nadiya tango to Santa Maria Gotan Project. This is a great track, used in #strictly S04W11. More often danced as Argentine Tango though will make for good tango if Dan can ignore the slightly relaxed rhythm. Good tempo at 118bpm. @mrdanwalker @NadiyaBychkova @bbcstrictly
Can all the decent couples stop doing risky lifts this week? I love you all but we need to focus on getting Dan out I can't have any of you slipping up my loves. #Strictly
Beloved Dan Walker is showing 'em how it's done. God Love Him. Xxxxx #strictly
Ok Dan is not my fav but that was a decent tango! If my husband could dance with me like that I would Love #Strictly
Not AJ's best but she still deserves to be in the competition more than Dan. I loved Rose too but I think she's safe. #Strictly
Right alright he can ballroom but he can't do the other dances so no please don't make Dan Walker win thank you #strictly
Luckily for Dan, God apparently really loves a trier. #strictly #scd
Let's face it. It's Dan v Rhys this week. My view on which is better changes weekly, so this week will be interesting. Dan needs his best dance to compare to Rhys #strictly
i think dan has one of the best journeys of any contestant to be on the show. who would've thought he'd go this far and be doing these amazing dances! #strictly #strictlycomedancing
If Rhys and Nancy go home after that, rather than Dan, there will be absolutely no justice. They were incredible. #Strictly
#Strictly wow i just love the tango well done dan and nadia.
Rebecca's verdict: Dan actually executed all of his tango steps perfectly and in time so kudos! However, I found his face expressionless and like he didn't know where to look. Good technique but performance was lacking for me. 7. Live blog: #Strictly
It's been a valiant effort every week by all round good guy @mrdanwalker but just not enough rhythm for me. #StrictlyComeDancing
Nothing against Dan at all, you seem like a lovely man. But please ppl. He's not the only person to never have danced before. That's not a good enough reason. #strictly
Dan and Nadiya score 31 (7,8,9,7) What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Dan is so so likeable. But it's more like Nadiya is utterly fantastic and he is ...also there. #strictly
I know you all love a journey so just to be clear Dan has been on a journey. From absolutely terrible to moderately terrible. Still not good enough for the quarter finals #Strictly
If AJ and Dan are in the dance off she has the chance to do the lifts better, hope so anyway #Strictly
If these 2 went out in favour of Dan the Twitter meltdown would be epic #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 4: @mrdanwalker @NadiyaBychkova This week Dan and Nadiya are dancing the Tango it's Nadiya's first Tango on #Strictly. Best of luck Dan
Dan & Nadia make an amazing dancing couple, not sure his frame was strong enough for a tango #Strictly
Tango Dan is the Man! Wonderful Tango from @mrdanwalker and @NadiyaBychkova -full of drama and passion. What did you think? #Strictly
Great dance Dan but it's home time Love #Strictly2021
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