Dan Walker

Status: In
Professional: Nadiya Bychkova
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 42.00
Implied Chances: 2%
Twitter: @mrdanwalker
Instagram: @mrdanwalker
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 207 7 295 295
Week 1 541 8 1,174 735
Week 2 325 4 332 600
Movie Week 365 9 198 568
Week 4 399 4 572 367
Week 5 381 4 882 551
Halloween Week 611 10 284 579
Week 7 540 4 701 622
Week 8 884 14 283 423
Musicals Week 695 9 1,249 744
Week 10 1,304 19 774 769
if there's any justice in the world Dan and Tilly will be bottom two their dances didn't impress me at all today #Strictly
So who does Dan have dirt on at the BBC? #Strictly
#Strictly Time to get voting for Dan and @NadiyaBychkova
Watching Dan and Nadiya dance is like watching an extremely beautiful stripper and her pole #strictly2021
#Strictly How can Dan Walker score more than Rose with some of the judges his Rumba was stiff with no rhythm. Craig is right shame on the others
Surely Dan is going this week. SURELY! #Strictly
#strictly how can they score #reese lower than dan???
They should have put Dan after Rhys. Our eyes would have been teary/fogged enough to make his dance look amazing. #strictly
Cynthia are you seeing the same dances as we are at home? DAN a 9! Really! & you give Aj & Rose an 8! Seriously? Did you mix up your paddles?? #cynthia #StrictlyComeDancing
I'm sorry but Cynthia giving Dan a 9 but giving AJ an 8???? #strictly
Cynthia is a fucking idiot, Dan got more than AJ and Rose #strictly
#Strictly Rhys/Tilly top marks by Judges for protection, so Dan lands in Dance Off operation is obvious tonight!
But for real how did Cynthia give Dan a 9 and AJ an 8 #strictly
Has Cynthia really just given Dan a 9 but AJ just an 8? No, no no, I don't care how expert she is. That is just downright wrong. #Strictly2021 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I'm sorry, but how can Cynthia think AJ's couple's choice was worth a lower score than Dan's rumba? Dan has improved a lot but that couple's choice was incredible. #Strictly
Cynthia gave Dan a 9 and AJ an 8? Is this all part of that weird fever dream I'm having about the Beatles? #Strictly
Cynthia gives AJ an 8 & Dan a 9? What the hell? #strictly (I missed the start, so I have no idea who Cynthia is).
AJ's left leg alone had more charisma than the entirety of Dan's dance! #StrictlyComeDancing
If they are going to score AJ lower than Dan again, I'm going to scream in the discomfort of my neighbour's home. #Strictly2021
Another 9 for Dan Walker #Strictly2021
Dan needs to go. #Strictly2021
Craig speaks the truth about Dan. Shirley is a sucker for a good looking man so is biased. Dan did so little dancing. He really just facilitates lifts and twirls. I mean, compare it to Johannes and John's rumba with similar scores. Scoring continues to baffle. #strictly
Who on earth is voting for Dan every week? If he doesn't go this week then I give up #Strictly2021
Cynthia does know it's Dan she's judging and not Nadia #strictly
Sorry but I agree with Craig, Dan did not dance that rumba, he did a series of 'poses' - can not understand why the other judges keep marking him so high. Are they actually marking the lovely Nadia? #StrictlyComeDancing
Shocking result for Dan. Scores are too high, no way should he get a 9!! #Strictly
Hey Motsi! - Cynthia just gave Dan a 9 for his rhumba. You need to Zoom in to this to stop the madness! #Strictly #scd
Wish the judges would stop overmarking Dan, 8s and 9s are a ridiculous, even Craig's 6 was very generous. #Strictly
Rumbas are awful. I'm pleased it was Dan's dance as it is time for him to go as he really is the worst of those left but I've just seen the scores and - whaaaaaatttttt?!?!?!?!? #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Really enjoyed that dance from Dan Walker and Nadiya. #Strictly
dan looked like a waiter at wetherspoons during that whole dance... anyways #Strictly
Got to love the clueless booing of a judge that knows what they're talking about. Seriously people need to listen to Craig. He's not being harsh, he's being truthful. Please let this be the week that Dan goes. Harsh but fair. #Strictly
Of course Shirley disagrees ten weeks of this pish from her. Dan should have been gone weeks ago. #strictly
Anyone else got a secret crush on Dan ? #StrictlyComeDancing
Wow! How sexy was that dance? Dan!!!! #Strictly
Why is Craig the ONlY one who can see how Dan actually dances? #strictly
My mum is convinced Shirley fancies Dan #Strictly2021
#Strictly Mom wants Dan out and is literally shouting when she hears Craig given criticism "YAHH CRAIG IS BACK"
Dan Walker Tess Daly Being as wooden as my garden fence #Strictly
#Strictly2021 what a load of shite that Dan danced or walked I should say it's a fixed for a BBC person to win
Well I thought he did that well @mrdanwalker that was fabulous #Strictly
Dan & Nadiya: I did not like that. Bit too cringe for me. But he has his fans and waste of time complaining. #Strictly
Good to see Dan finishing his lines and getting some hip motion (imo pls don't attack me Dan haters xx) #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021
The dad dancer has returned #dan #strictly #Strictly2021
get dan gone i've had enough now #Strictly
Dan in the dangerous 2nd place and doing a Rumba. Bye Dan #strictly
I fully support Cynthia and her decision to show up wearing a top tier murder dress. I hope Dan's rumba is prepared. #scd #strictly
BBC STRICTLY COME DANCING'S DAN WALKER ISSUES 'NOT THE BEST' UPDATE - Go to for all your latest #Strictly news and gossip! #StrictlyComeDancing
If Dan isn't out this week it is 100% rigged lmao #Strictly
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