AJ Odudu

Status: In
Professional: Kai Widdrington
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 8.20
Implied Chances: 12%
Twitter: @AJOdudu
Instagram: @ajodudu
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 291 15 803 803
Week 1 972 28 2,959 1,881
Week 2 576 32 1,839 1,867
Movie Week 859 58 3,432 2,743
Week 4 403 14 793 2,021
Week 5 1,068 31 3,077 2,434
Halloween Week 629 21 1,946 1,939
Week 7 939 33 2,951 2,658
Week 8 1,204 74 1,389 2,095
Musicals Week 671 34 1,925 2,088
Week 10 1,462 44 2,706 2,007
Please vote for @AJOdudu and @Kaiwidd #Strictly
Me yeeting to the online vote to save AJ, Rose and Johannes #Strictly
All so good, aren't they? Final 3? Rose and Gio. John and Johannes. AJ and Kai. But then, what do I know? #Strictly #Strictly2021
Aj and Kai, John and Jojo all the way to the final. Rose can join them there too, so over Dan he's long been on borrowed time IMO #Strictly
Aj and Kai deserved more!! # bringback Motsi #Strictly
I'm sorry but what the actual hell is going on with the scoring tonight!!! I love Rose but that was not her best. AJ smashed it tonight #Strictly
Watch me keep AJ in this competition. Fucking hell fine I'll do it myself. #strictly
AJ & Kai getting underscored again ugh! Anyways I give them a 10! Rhys & Nancy were boring sorry a 7! #StrictlyComeDancing
Yes, Rhys was much better but he was NOT better than AJ! #Strictly
I just love AJ, she's a star! #strictly
AJ and Kai is Alexandra Burke and Gorka all over again, underscored for the best quality I've seen. Only one 10?! How?! #StrictlyComeDancing
Awesome @AJOdudu #strictly
YES AJ !! That dance was Want to watch it all again ! #StrictlyComeDancing
Aj 40 campaign continues #strictly
How the hell did Cynthia give AJs dance a lower score than Dan? Ridiculous #strictly
Cynthia gave Dan a 9 and AJ a 8 ! #strictly
So Cynthia gave Dan a 9 and AJ an 8. What???? #Strictly2021
AJ is an absolute queen. What the hell does the girl have to do to get a 40. Incredible #strictly #Strictly2021
I'm sorry, Cynthia scored Dan higher than AJ?? U ok hun? #strictly
Cynthia giving Dan a 9 but AJ an 8? #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Wait wait WAIT Cynthia thinks Dan's dance was worth more than AJ's? Fuck off. #strictly
Massively undermarked. AJ was amazing, 39 at least. That score does not reflect how great that dance was. #Strictly2021
AJ and Kai are by far tonight the best dance so far hands down #Strictly
Omg that performance was superb, you are a star. @AJOdudu #Strictly
AJ... As I said, I'm not a fan of the couples choice... #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Looks like Shirley might give AJ a 10 #Strictly
AJ and Kai really have been the best tonight. Unreal! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
I'm more Invested in AJ and Kai than I am in any of my own relationships #strictly
Sorry but @AJOdudu ate! Brilliant! #Strictly
Aj and Kai!! That was EPIC! #strictly
OMG DANCE OF THE SERIES!!! What a performance! You couldn't even tell who the professional was. Love you @AJOdudu and @Kaiwidd #Strictly
AJ is so naturally gifted as a dancer. Ace chorographed couples choice by Kai tonight. #strictly
Oooh Kai nearly just gave AJ a slap on the bum! I bet he has in practice! #Strictly
Yes! AJ and Kai #Strictly
AJ & Kai!!! That should definitely be 40!!!! That was AMAZING #strictly #ajandkai
#Strictly2021 AJ
manifesting four tens for aj #strictly
Ohhh AJ & Kai! That was fantastic #Strictly
AJ & Kai: #Strictly
Love AJ but the hell is this? #Strictly
I find it ironic right now how jealous I am of AJ because I could never look that good in green. Also, dancing with Kai but that goes without saying. #strictly
AJ looks amazing, green is her colour! #strictly
Aj giving Singin in the Rain Cyd Charisse in the green dress with all the LEG #Strictly
AJ and her family are just the best #strictly
I want AJ's dress @VickyGillDesign #Strictly #SCD
#StrictlyComeDancing it's Lancashire day come on AJ smash it
Tess looks fab. I love the more natural makeup on Shirley. AJ's frock is a beautiful Green. Love Gio with the makeup! #scd #strictly
AJ, Rose & John should make it to the final with Rose winning #Strictly2021
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