AJ Odudu

Status: Withdrew
Professional: Kai Widdrington
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @AJOdudu
Instagram: @ajodudu
#Strictly. AJ and Kai: Firstly a wonderful song choice and that dress OMG is so stunning. I loved this Quickstep from AJ and Kai. Very classy so fast and full of energy. Good footwork great speed across the floor. Breathtaking!!! This is a 40 Dance!!!! WOW I'm SHOOK Love Love
#Strictly. AJ and Kai ( Rumba) The BEST Rumba I've ever seen. I'm blown away those Rumba walks were perfection. AJ has the most wonderful legs and she shows them off wonderfully. The chemistry between both was electric. That was breathtaking routine. Well done AJ and Kai gorgeous
I mean, whoever goes through to the final, whoever wins, I just want to say thank you AJ, Rose, Rhys and John and their pros for an incredible, emotional, entertaining and joyous evening. Me of the best strictly nights ever. #scd #strictly
Gosh they were floating on air Love @AJOdudu so incredible Love super fantastic @bbcstrictly and the dress so gorgeous #StrictlyComeDancing Well done
#Strictly. 79/80 for @AJOdudu and @Kaiwidd. Wow what a perfect night for her. I'm so pleased that she finally got her first 40 with that Quickstep. She's come so far in this competition and she's been on the best journey. That Rumba should of got a 40. I'm so happy for AJ Love Love
Wow! What a fabulous dance and beautiful dress! Well done AJ & Kai Love #Strictly
and AJ has come BACK with that phenomenal rumba! Immaculate footwork - so much glamour and spark, joyful energy throughout their performance They made such a complex dance look so simple and fun! #Strictly
Wowza that took me back to the Quickstep era. Sensational choreography and dancing, fabulous song, with a stunning dress (can I have one please ). Well done for fighting back AJ for the final! Deserved 40. #Strictly
Quickstep and a half from AJ and Kai. It was everything I wanted from a quickstep and more. Incredible technique, perfect facial expressions and they both look gorgeous. I love a proper big band quickstep with all the glamour and THIS WAS IT Love from me #strictly
Quickstep and a half from AJ and Kai. It was everything I wanted from a quickstep and more. Incredible technique, perfect facial expressions and they both look gorgeous. I love a proper big band quickstep with all the glamour and THIS WAS IT Love #strictly
Excellent Quick Step from @AJOdudu & @Kaiwidd Loved it! Gorgeous dress from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & team More great music from @SCDband Well done everyone #Strictly
We just caught @AJOdudu & @Kaiwidd on #StrictlyComeDancing & their quick step routine should be the iconic glamorous standard bearer for what that fab show is all about. Don't even mention that dress! No wonder it got a perfect 10. @bbcstrictly @bbcstrictlyPR @StrictlyTeamKAJ
Wow @AJOdudu looks absolutely stunning Love gorgeous dress for a gorgeous Queen #Strictly
#Strictly OMG wow that was simply amazing well done to both AJ and Kai loved it
Wow the strictly contestants are bringing it tonight! Oh my goodness AJ!!!! Love John Oh they are all phenomenal! #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly. AJ and Kai: Next up for AJ and Kai it's the Rumba. I've been looking forward to them doing this dance all week. This is going to be so beautiful. Best of Luck AJ this is your chance to a get a 40 on a Latin routine. You can do this!!!! Love Love Love Love @AJOdudu @Kaiwidd
AJ and Rose getting perfect 40s tonight omg what a fab semi final literally the best in years Love Love Love xxxxx yes I'm a few wines deep but it's the truth Love Love #Strictly
#Strictly. AJ and Kai have finally got their first 40. I'm so proud of them That was a wonderful Quickstep. At last the Perfect 40. I'm lost for words well done AJ so proud of you incredible. @AJOdudu @Kaiwidd
That quickstep by AJ and Kai was awesome. And let's never underestimate the amazing versatility of the @SCDband. From Queen's one Vision to that classic big band sound. #Strictly perfection
AJ and Kai deserve their 40, finally! Pleeease! That was a gorgeous quickstep! It all flowed together so beautifully and it just looked so natural and fun. Loved loved loved it! #Strictly
Perfect dance. Kai adds such a great energy to his dances, and @AJOdudu is simply FANTASTIC. Loved the music and set dressing as well. 10. #Strictly
Oh this is so difficult, I love @AJOdudu and @RoseAylingEllis I think you both deserve to win. Both amazing and such fabulous people, love you both @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Judge's Comments - AJ and Kai Anton- Absolutely SPECTACULAR Craig - OMG darling that was incredible Motsi - I'm so PROUD of you Shirley - I'm in absolute awe #Strictly
This year whoever wins will be a worthy winner in my opinion so i can just relax and enjoy the entertainment (but AJ is my fave) #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
It's not really fair is it, we get a wonderful dancer who happens to be deaf and one who is gay and dancing with mother man in one series. And AJ and Rhys, all superb. And yet one time that breakfast sport man won #strictly
Your quick step was outstanding @AJOdudu! And you looked amazing in that dress! Beeeeeautiful lady!!! #Strictly
#Strictly AJ and Kai - everything you could want from a quickstep... quick, lively, fun and entertaining. Very good.
#Strictly @AJOdudu absolutely magnificent, just loved the way you showed so much joy all the way through. Hope to see you lifting the glitterball.
I really don't mind who wins out of AJ, John and Rose. They're incredible, all of them. They all deserve to win! #Strictly
Whoop whoop!! That was awesome from AJ and Kai. Wow Love Love Love Love #Strictly
Also, I think Rosie will win but AJ's first dance was phenomenal, she looked like she was floating!! Beautiful #SCD2021
Perfectly rendered but no emotional connection for me. As my lady has just said, a blue dress does not help - blue is cool rather than otherwise. But AJ is fab. Should be a finalist, no doubt. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictlyspoiler #Strictly
AJ&Kai amazing quick step such wonderful musicality stunning pace :))))))#StrictlyComeDancing
Loved that #quickstep @AJOdudu looks phenomenal and danced that as well as she looks! don't forget @Kaiwidd has reached two finals in Ireland I think? the boy knows what judges & the public want so much fun to watch! @bbcstrictly #Strictly @VickyGillDesign & team
Loving AJ's fabulous dead swan frock, and this is a proper old-school Hollywood Quickstep with style and flair. Nice footwork from AJ and lovely timing as always, although it gets gappy in places. Fab.u.luss. #StrictlyComeDancing
Proper scores for AJ and Kai. #Strictly Joyous and beautiful Love to watch. Perfect.
Shimmering rhinestones loved that. Not the best Jive tune, but these two are a team and John is enjoying himself again! Great dancing. My finalists are AJ, ROSE AND JOHN #Strictly
AJ & Kai sexy rumba, the chemistry between them two love their partnership! Breathtaking to watch 39 points! Love #StrictlyComeDancing #semifinal #Strictly #Strictly2021 @AJOdudu @Kaiwidd
Phenomenal! An absolutely incredible Quickstep from @AJOdudu and @Kaiwidd! What a first semi-final dance! 40! Love #Strictly
AJ and Kai! Wow! Beautiful, sensational! 10s all the way. #Strictly
#strictly #bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #week12 #semifinal @bbcstrictly @ClaudiaWinkle @TessDaly @ShirleyBallas @MOTSI_MABUSE @CraigRevHorwood @TheAntonDuBeke @AJOdudu @Kaiwidd well done you guys! That was awesome! Another of my favourite songs, given me goosebumps!
Donna's verdict: AJ & Ka - score: 9 Another beautiful, elegant vibe, classical dance between them! Love how they dance with their footwork and brilliant atmosphere!!! Live blog: #Strictly
Donna's verdict: J & Kai: score:10 AJ has beautiful long legs and I'm glad she use her legs to show off her fantastic dance! They have a beautiful strong connection between them, with strong emotions and strong embraceness. Live blog:
#Strictly AJ and Kai! My God they are perfect but pls I want Rose Ellis is my winner but I agree AJ is better dancer
AJ and Kai looking AMAZING tonight and I totally loved that Rumba. One of my favourites ever. Love Love #Strictly
For me John, Aj and Rose are all amazing and deserve to win! But for me given Rose's extra hurdle for me she is my winner ! She is just amazing ! #StrictlyComeDancing
AJ & Kai - fab, fun and fabulous! #Strictly
I never like the rumba but yet again I am absolutely staggered by impossibly beautiful AJ is. Also: amazing dress and incredible eye makeup. #scd #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
AJ and Kai... magnificent. Tons of energy, great moves, bouncing throughout. Loved it. #Strictly
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