Review: Yianna Terzi - Oneiro Mou - Greece

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Wed 18th Apr 2018 19:57
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Greece return with what is quite possibly their best track in a long time, the atmospheric Oniro Mou. A powerful anthemic track which as another pundit put it - is a loveletter to Greece.

Another of the native-language tracks, avoiding the plastic pop of previous years, the song sets the tone within the first few moments, flute, rising vocals and a pounding drum. The verses are the build to an excellent, strong chorus that is easily accessible to even non-Greek speakers. We've repeatedly said that songs sung in the native language must convey the message clearly to everybody and Greece achieves this in spades.

There are a few niggling concerns, this song needs to be sung perfectly to achieve the same effect as the music video, there is also a large instrumental segment in the middle of the song which raises a few questions as to how they'll work with that on the Eurovision stage. This song will surely do well with the juries and I feel that if Greece avoid the stationary-woman-in-dress-singing-into-mic routine and instead convey emotion and tell a story then Greece could do very well with the televote too. These crucial elements will determine how high up the leaderboard it goes.

Greece are performing in the second-half of the first semi, most of the big-hitters of that semi-final are singing in the first half. However, Greece is sandwiched between Austria, Finland and Armenia - all of which stand a good chance of qualifying. Greece is considered by the market to be 11th most likely to win the competition and their YouTube stats are on par with that determination. A lot of people have doubts about the current market leaders for Eurovision, that some of the acts are overhyped and won't live up to expectations (see Italy 2017). My personal feeling is that - should Greece qualify from their semi and other acts do end up faltering - with the right slot in the running order in the final, this could be a Top 5 contender.


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