Review: Oto Nemsadze - Keep On Going - Georgia

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Tue 23rd Apr 2019 20:20
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1 Day YouTube Views: 22,475
1 Day YouTube Likes: 1,598

Georgia are really just not getting it, after a last-place finish in 2018's semi, it seems they may be gunning for last-place again, in fact, if I had to recommend a bet - Georgia for last place would be a very solid punt indeed. Not to mention that this is a semi-final featuring D-Mol's "Heaven", so it really is saying something to make that call.

Sung in Georgian, the track starts in a low-whisper, sure to get the Eurovision audience pumped up - the track moves into some kind of quasi-military/religious chant which it never seems to break out of. The drum track appears to have little-to-no relation to the words.

Although the staging will of course be different on the night, the music video is noteworthy, Oto sings with a 1000-yard stare throughout before apparently goading people behind a barbed wire fence. After summoning strength from a few friends, Oto pulls down the fence and walks straight past the people like nothing happened. It's a depressing and confusing music video that compliments the depressing and confusing audio.

It's quite bizarre that this track was even considered as an entry, the Georgians must know this will have no appeal anywhere. "Keep On Going" has received the lowest YouTube stats in 24 hours of any track released thus far - in both Views and Likes. Social media and iTunes impact is non-existent. The easiest no-qualifier call of this year's competition.

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Ciao Marco CiaoWed 24th Apr 2019 01:08

Because going Georgian isn't the way to go? Tell that to Portugal and their "never say die" attitude for sticking with Portuguese for the nearly 50 years they've been taking part in the contest.

TellyStatsSun 28th Apr 2019 02:28

"Because going Georgian isn't the way to go?"
More to do with singing a crap song not being the way to go.

Anyway, all we said about the language were the words: "Sung in Georgian"...?