Review: Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off - Sweden

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Thu 3rd May 2018 21:20
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7 Day YouTube Views: 816,286
7 Day YouTube Likes: 15,023

With a chill-out vibe, yearly favourites Sweden return with Dance You Off sung by Benjamin Ingrosso.

Reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars or Pharrell with a healthy dose of funky bass, Dance You Off is what you might hear at 3am in a high-end bar in London, not too trashy but not too mainstream either. It's an unusual choice for Eurovision though, a dance track that doesn't excite you enough to actually get you dancing, the "Da-da-dance you off" hook is also fairly weak and doesn't provide a defining moment in the song.

Sweden know how to do Eurovision, Loreen and Mans being good examples in recent years, their delegation clearly know this song lacks a bit of meat and are trying to top it up with an LED staging concept that's sure to flush out any epileptics watching. However it's unlikely to be enough and a 7th - 11th place finish is what I'd expect. Reading through people's general feedback, the consensus is more or less that the song is fairly average but because it's Sweden that means it'll do well anyway - and they're probably right. Of the top 8 or so songs in the betting, it'd be safe to say that Sweden has probably received the least amount of attention than all the others, compared to Israel, Norway, France, Australia, etc.

Sweden are currently 8th favourite in the betting markets but if it were any other country, it'd be around 18th in the running. To it's credit though, it's YouTube stats are very high, 15,000 Likes and 800,000 Views in 7 days isn't too bad at all. I personally find the song quite featureless and difficult to critique, I feel myself switching off about halfway through and besides the "Da-da-dance you off" bit, can not recall any of the lyrics. Despite this, they sing late in the weak second semi so qualification won't be a problem.


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