Review: ZENA - Like It - Belarus

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Mon 29th Apr 2019 21:54
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1 Day YouTube Views: 82,073
1 Day YouTube Likes: 2,521

After failing to qualify last year, Belarus return with Zena singing "Like It". Unfortunately, liking it is easier said than done.

Perhaps in the 90s, this song could have been considered current and had a small amount of success at Eurovision but even then - it's very featureless as a pop song with no catchy hook to draw people in. The track does start well, the first verse suggests it could lead into a great chorus but no, the "Yes, you gonna like it" fails to have an impact and becomes overly repetitive by the end of the song.

I personally found myself switching off, even on my first listen and I suspect the Eurovision audience might do the same. Belarus perform halfway through the first semi-final, whilst this is considered the easier of the two, it's still highly unlikely that Belarus will find a place in the Top 10 with this offering.

In terms of stats, Belarus are unusual in that their YouTube Likes to Views is extremely low, that is to say, an unusually low percentage of people clicked the 'Like' button on watching the video. Belarus has had no iTunes activity and mediocre social media follower figures. All in all, a likely non-qualifier.

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