Review: Jurij Veklenko - Run With The Lions - Lithuania

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Tue 7th May 2019 04:56
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1 Day YouTube Views: 87,605
1 Day YouTube Likes: 4,221

After 2018's success in reaching the final, Lithuania return in 2019 with Jurij Veklenko singing "Run With The Lions", a solid, if generic pop song sung.

"Run With The Lions" to me feels very 'paint-by-numbers' in terms of it's construction, it's an inoffensive pop song, a gradual progression, some sort of semi-inspiration message, standard handsome singer doing all the right poses. But something feels missing from the overall package. It isn't a difficult song to listen to all the way through but it never really grabs the attention, it's not a song you want to dance to - it almost reminds me of the kind of song the United Kingdom send - pleasant but utterly uninspired and generic.

To compound the issue, Lithuania are sandwiched between Malta and Russia, who are then followed by Albania, Norway and The Netherlands - all of whom (in my opinion) have strong entries. Lithuania will have to pull something significant out of the bag to elevate this track and make it memorable.

The odds currently have Lithuania with very a low likelihood of qualifying from it's semi, unfortunately it's justified. While their YouTube views do veer towards the higher end of the table, I'm not sure they'll be able to overcome these overwhelming odds and progress beyond them. No qualifier for me.

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