Review: MELOVIN - Under The Ladder - Ukraine

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sun 29th Apr 2018 22:25
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With a single white contact lens, eyebrows that mean business and hair permanently in the midst of a strong westerly breeze, MELOVIN delivers Under The Ladder for Ukraine.

The song could best be described as a pop-rock hybrid, fast-paced and likely to keep eyes on the screen. It's not a particularly interesting song on a musical level and has a few too many 'Ooooh's and 'Yeeeah's for my liking which are a lazy way to fill gaps. Furthermore, I've listened to the track a few times and couldn't tell you what it's about - MELOVIN is another Eurovision contestant that struggles with diction - though this may improve by the time the finals roll around. There is a slow, piano bridge segment, bringing the audience who may be losing concentration back into the song before finishing again with the upbeat chorus.

The real draw for this song is the singer himself, musically he's not been given much to work with but still manages to really sell it in both his energy and vocal ability. If Ukraine's semi-final staging is anything like their national final's staging, it'll likely be a memorable one too, playing a piano atop a flaming platform. Alongside the Czech Republic and Belarus, MELOVIN also takes a slice of the teen fangirl pie - a powerful force in any singing/voting show.

Ukraine has been lucky enough to be placed last in the running order for the second semi, they'd have likely progressed even without that advantageous position. MELOVIN sits at 22nd most likely to win Eurovision according to the markets, his odds to progress through the semi are predictably low. On the big night itself, this is likely a..14th-16th place finisher, no threat for the win but we appreciate the unique look and the stagecraft this young man displays.


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