Review: Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone - Germany

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Mon 30th Apr 2018 23:06
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Another of the Big 5, Germany present Michael Schulte singing You Let Me Walk Alone, with a Sheeran-esque voice and the piano-backing of an Adele track he presents a solid, if unoriginal ballad.

Fishing from the same pool as Ireland, Germany's track could easily be coming out of Ed Sheeran's mouth, Michael Schulte's already halfway there if Sheeran decided to grow his hair out. However, Ireland is considered a bit of a no-hoper with question marks over whether it can progress past it's semi, so assuming Ireland doesn't qualify the next most comparable singer is Cesar Sampson for Austria - my personal feeling is that Austria's song is better. We gave Austria just one star in our review, but that was mainly for a lack of originality. Germany's song also suffers from this and you can easily see it being completely eclipsed in the memories of the Eurovision audience if it were followed by Cyprus or Israel.

As for the song itself, it's difficult to say too much about it, just a fairly simple song with standardised verses and chroruses, it's another track that never builds but simply plods on at a regular pace throughout. You Let Me Walk Alone is also another track that you could hear within 10 minutes of switching on the radio anywhere, it doesn't provide the audience with anything they don't already have. It's difficult to imagine how staging can really spice things up much either.

Germany is a Big 5 contestant so doesn't need to worry about the semi-finals. It's currently considered to be 18th favourite to win by the betting markets. I think that's a little generous as I definitely prefer many of the songs that are below it in the odds, such as the United Kingdom and Ukraine. We think this'll be a right-hand side finisher in the final.


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