Review: Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love - Australia

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sat 28th Apr 2018 23:05
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Famous European nation, Australia return to Eurovision in 2018 with We Got Love, an upbeat anthemic song much in the same vein as Azerbaijan's 'X My Heart'.

The betting markets have already pumped this track - for a brief moment it entered the top 3 in the running, however it looks to have been a bit of a phase as she's now settled back to 5th favourite. The song is again, fairly disposable pop that simply adds to the enigma of this year's contest - it's far easier to list reasons why songs shouldn't win than reasons they should - but of course, somebody has to win. The essence of song-writing by numbers, verse / chorus / verse / chorus / bridge / chorus, the kind of music thrown out every five minutes by the music industry to make a quick buck off easily-pleased audiences. The song sets the melody and pace in the first minute and doesn't really change it up.

Saying all this, there isn't really anything bad about the song, but there isn't anything particularly mindblowing about it either, however given how many negatives other songs have this year, I feel this one will still do well. The melody and chorus are simpler and probably more memorable than 'X My Heart' and assuming she can sing it well and occupy the stage with some energy, it'll likely be one of the better performances of the grand final. The market had some concerns about Mauboy's singing ability given a fairly ropey 2014 Eurovision interval act, but newer videos suggest her voice has improved.

We Got Love's YouTube stats are impressive and Mauboy sings in the first half of the second semi which is an easy qualifier for her, she's quite likely to win it. I don't personally rate the song that highly but can see how it works at Eurovision, it's memorable, upbeat and slickly produced. We Got Love has been tipped as the winning entry, I'll stick my neck out and say no, if it did win it'd be a rather cheap result.


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