Review: Laura Rizzotto - Funny Girl - Latvia

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Wed 25th Apr 2018 21:12
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7 Day YouTube Views: 91,686
7 Day YouTube Likes: 2,434

Latvia joins the line-up in 2018 with the Bond-esque track Funny Girl, a classy ballad with no gimmicks that works very well based on a number of factors, but does it have the oomph to progress it through the semi final?

As mentioned, Funny Girl is reminiscent of Bond themes but the chorus reminded me also of Alicia Keys. Laura Rizzotto is an excellent singer and her delivery should earn her praise from the juries and televote alike. The song itself is very good for a listen, maybe two listens, but beyond that the lack of diversity makes the song a little boring - nothing really gets switched up. Some of the audience may use Latvia's performance to stick the kettle on.

Rizzotto (even her name is delicious) is a Latvian-Brazilian mix and appears to have received the best of both worlds, the understated beauty of Eastern Europe with the body of a Brazilian. Let's not be naive here, she's a good looking girl - and the dress she wears in her music video and National Final performance is likely to win her a few extra televotes.

The market rates Latvia as 36th most likely to win, far below Russia, Switzerland and Moldova - I think the market has been a little harsh here, while it won't set the world on fire, the song does what it says on the tin and is sung to a high standard. While her YouTube stats are a little disappointing, the market seems relatively confident she'll progress past her semi final though, she sings in the second half of the second semi. For us, she scrapes through, maybe a 8th or 9th place qualifier.


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