Review: KEiiNO - Spirit In The Sky - Norway

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sat 30th Mar 2019 22:31
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1 Day YouTube Views: 80,138
1 Day YouTube Likes: 3,820

After last year's hype-fest for Alexander Rybak's doomed "That's How You Write A Song", Norway are back with Spirit In The Sky by KEiiNO, a track that's more-or-less the very definition of Europop, with a splash of ethnic joik singing blended in.

The joik sections are actually what make this song stand out - particularly the solo section two-thirds the way in, "Spirit In The Sky" would just be another cheesy, dated dance track otherwise. I fear though that most of Europe won't know the origins of joik singing, so to many viewers it'll just look like two youthful singers have dragged their mate Dave onto the stage to do a bit of singing too.

As for it's chances at Eurovision, it's catchy enough so it may well progress past it's semi, particularly a semi filled with countries from Western Europe including Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. In terms of the final though, it'll probably end up somewhere around 15th place like last years entry. This is primarily because the song will probably do well with the televote but be torn apart by the juries who (usually) demand something of a little more substance.

KEiiNO's social media follower statistics aren't the worst but also not close to the upper echelons that other nations occupy. Similarly their YouTube stats are in the lower-middle range. However, as above, purely on the musical level, particularly the accessibility of the song, we expect Norway to progress.

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