Review: Sarah McTernan - 22 - Ireland

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sun 31st Mar 2019 20:13
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1 Day YouTube Views: 44,374
1 Day YouTube Likes: 1,789

As the country with the most Eurovision wins under their belt, you'd perhaps think that Ireland would take Eurovision seriously, but the past few years entries seem to suggest they've lost interest these days. 2019's entry is 22 by Sarah McTernan, a soulful, radio-friendly pop song with a hint of Joss Stone.

The rumour is that Ireland had to rush the entry this year which could explain the under-produced song, the abrupt ending and simple music video. To it's credit though, "22" is a solid enough song for radio - enjoyable and accessible from the first listen, there's no reason if it were released as a sing that it couldn't do well.

The problem, of course, is that "22" is being sung among dozens of other tracks, Ireland sing in the first-half of a competitive second semi-final. Not to mention that mid-tempo Eurovision songs already have an arguable disadvantage as it is. But with the competition it'll be facing in that semi, it's almost certainly a non-qualifier.

To top off the bad news, Ireland's YouTube stats are towards the bottom of the table, with even dirge like Montenegro getting twice the Likes in 24 hours. To be fair to Sarah McTernan, her social media follower increases aren't the worst, but unfortunately once again, still near the bottom of the pack. Ireland have now had a few years of very radio-friendly tracks, now it's time to start thinking about Eurovision-friendly tracks.

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