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Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sat 21st Apr 2018 21:47
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With a look and sound that many have compared to Annie Lennox, SuRie brings us Storm. A surprise winner (even to her) of the Eurovision: You Decide event. SuRie is a relative Eurovision veteran having assisted in Belgium's performances in recent years.

Storm as a song itself I actually feel is a little underrated, the "Hey Brother..." moments are pleasant and create a connection for the listener, the chorus is also memorable and accessible. A big issue with many Eurovision tracks is that it's possible to listen to them and then immediately forget the tune the moment it finishes, Storm doesn't suffer that issue.

The main problem with the track is that while it is very listenable, it doesn't have that spark that'll make it stand out at Eurovision. Israel - like it or hate it - is bringing a song that you cannot help but pay attention to, Storm by comparison, is pleasant but lacks the same sort of killer instinct. This isn't the fault of the singer but of the BBC only presenting songs in the 'You Decide' shows from a very narrow genre of music, none of which would ever be successful at Eurovision. For the country that provided so much iconic music, we lack that innovation for Eurovision.

The betting markets consider SuRie 26th favourite to win Eurovision, sadly though she's almost a certainty for the 17th - 20th place region, which is a shame because in terms of depth, I'd argue that Storm is a better song that Australia's 'We Got Love', which is currently 4th favourite to win the show.

SuRie is active on Twitter and her tweets suggest she's a funny and humble person, while we wish her well with her career, she should use Eurovision as a positive experience and is hopefully not holding out too much hope for the win.


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