Review: DoReDos - My Lucky Day - Moldova

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Thu 26th Apr 2018 20:01
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7 Day YouTube Views: 191,605
7 Day YouTube Likes: 4,708

Following their impressive 3rd place finish last year, Moldova return with DoReDos My Lucky Day, a song that plays very much to the local audience - but not much else.

The initial upbeat Balkan sound suggests this song might work but it's clear that the first twenty seconds of this song are the highlight, however the idea that this song could be a contender is extinguished soon after the vocals come in. Even if they weren't singing English, the melodic structure feels extremely dated - My Lucky Day has the sound of one of those anonymous, plastic 90s pop songs that you'd have completely forgotten about forever until it played on the radio of your rental car as you drove through Spain or something.

Saying this though, while the song stands no hope of winning the competition, it is upbeat, fun and has a sound that will appeal to the Balkanites. What we consider dated in the West is not necessarily so elsewhere. The poor lyrics of the song can be overlooked for similar reasons.

Moldova had a bit of luck being placed in the second semi, they'd have sunk without a trace if they'd been placed in the first, the market is giving a tentative 'yes' that they will qualify from it. While semi final 2 has a lot of duffers, there is probably enough space to fit Moldova in the top 10. Moldova though is another country that comes to Eurovision armed with a stash of brown envelopes filled with cash so there's that element to take into consideration too.

Moldova's YouTube hits are low, but probably still enough to get them through, beyond this though, a place around the bottom of the right-hand side of the screen awaits come the final.


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