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Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Tue 7th May 2019 04:56
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1 Day YouTube Views: 238,698
1 Day YouTube Likes: 5,042

Germany topped the Big 5 in 2018, can they do the same this year? They return with S!sters singing "Sister", one of the more unique entries this year - where the theme of the song is sibling rivalry.

What struck me immediately about the way the track is performed is that S!sters don't seem to acknowledge the audience and are instead singing to one another, in this respect it feels more like watching a musical ala Wicked's "For Good". This is a novel and untested approach. One concern is that "Sister" relies heavily on the message and vocals over melody - while this works for us in English-speaking countries, we have to view this through the eyes of an audience who may not understand what's going on - in this respect I feel that Germany still manage to convey the emotion well.

As a song, because of it's verbosity and minimal melody, the ladies' vocals absolutely have to be on point, Spain's Amaia and Alfred discovered this to their peril in 2018, both competent singers but in the wide open space of the Eurovision arena, any flaws or timing issues can be exposed quickly. Assuming this doesn't occur, I'd say that Germany have a competent entry in "Sister".

As a member of the 'Big 5', Germany don't need to worry about qualification. While this song is solid and enjoyable, I see it finishing somewhere in the middle of the board, possibly around 15th. The YouTube Views for the official video are among the strongest of all countries, however, switch that measure to YouTube Likes and you see a huge drop, Germany fall to around mid-table on Likes and this is significant, a 2% View/Like ratio is low. Overall though, I wouldn't recommend Germany for Top Big 5 this year as both Spain and Italy's entries are stronger. It's likely to be a decent if unremarkable night for Germany come the Eurovision final.

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