Review: Tulia - Fire of Love - Poland

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Wed 20th Mar 2019 21:01
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1 Day YouTube Views: 111,100
1 Day YouTube Likes: 5,755

After failing to progress past their semi in 2018, Poland present Tulia singing Fire Of Love, certainly a unique entry into this year's contest. Every Eurovision pundit we've seen seems to have the same reaction - one of bemusement and curiosity, no one is quite sure what to make of it.

The entire song is sung in white voice style, a style that Wikipedia describes as a 'controlled scream' - pretty spot on! White singing is a well-known technique in Eastern Europe so it's clear that this song is targeting the ethno/diaspora vote. If nothing else, "Fire of Love" is memorable, it comes across like something you might hear as you pass a school playground. Despite the four of them singing, there are no mixed melodies, the entire song is sung in the same tone throughout. While the song is a novelty for the 3-minute run, you'd never want to listen to it twice.

As for its qualification prospects, it's a difficult one to call - the song in it's own right is nothing special, if anything, it sounds a little irritating to my ears. But we have to look at this through the eyes of the Eurovision audience. Visually, the girls stand out and as mentioned above, the song will burn itself into your brain before you're even halfway through. The official video is on the upper end of the table for Views but in the middle of the table for Likes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's all well and good for people engaged with a song to like it, but without engagement, a song is nothing. A Eurovision song needs to attract attention, especially in a semi-final field of 17. As a result, I'm going to tentatively call this a qualifier purely because I think Eastern Europe will appreciate the song and Western Europe will appreciate the novelty.

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