Review: Eye Cue - Lost And Found - F.Y.R. Macedonia

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Mon 9th Apr 2018 16:06
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7 Day YouTube Views: 760,546
7 Day YouTube Likes: 11,566

The FYR of Macedonia join this year's line up with a slow/fast pop/reggae track entitled Lost and Found. It's unique mix for sure, but does it work?

The song is divided into various sections, almost like mini-songs in their own right, these sections are scattered seemingly at random, throughout the song. We start with a slow bit ("Come and take me...") before moving into a reggae-style verse, back to slow and then building into a fast pop section ("Have you ever thought about it?"). It then goes back to reggae, moving into the slow section before finishing back on the pop section. It certainly makes for an unusual listening experience. My feeling on the first listen is that the song meandered too much and it's difficult to latch onto a song that doesn't have at least some predictability in the structure. However the individual sections are pleasant to listen to on their own merit but sometimes the transitions can feel jarring.

An extra half-star for trying something a little different which is always appreciated, however the song feels like it's gone too far and is attempting to be too many things at once, the Eurovision audience will likely end up feeling a little confused about what kind of song they were listening to. It's position halfway through the first semi-final won't do it any favours either.

FYR of Macedonia currently stand in 30th place in the betting markets, probably about right given their chances. The YouTube stats tell a completely different story though 760,000 Views in 7 days is quite amazing for this track placing them up in the figures enjoyed by the tracks at the very top of the market, higher than Belgium and even the Czech Republic. The song's YouTube Likes are in line with the view count and again are surprisingly high. We can't really think of a reason why the stats are so high, the song doesn't seem to have a particularly significant fanbase - or at least no more than any other country. Despite this though, we're calling FYR of Macedonia a no-qualifier this year.


KatieTue 10th Apr 2018 15:14

You're missing the obvious reason a lot of these YouTube viewing figures vary so much - for example, the official channel was the first place to upload the video when the song was released so naturally everyone watched it there. Finland, on the other hand, was released by Saara's VEVO and so everyone watched it there and had less of a need to watch it again when the official channel re-uploaded it a few weeks after.