Review: Franka - Crazy - Croatia

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sun 15th Apr 2018 23:02
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7 Day YouTube Views: 155,711
7 Day YouTube Likes: 3,808

With a tempo and sound reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Croatia presents Crazy for Eurovision 2018.

As a track, it seems to split opinion, some people seem to like it and consider it a qualifier, others dislike it, I consider myself one of the latter. Crazy feels very generic indeed, the message isn't new or unique with some overused lines "make it forever", "crazy for your love", "when I saw your eyes", lyrics that appear in every other song. The song plods along at a regular pace throughout without switching it up much at all so it gets a bit boring too early too

Like San Marino, the most egregious part of Crazy is the awful and unnecessary spoken section in the middle. First, it lasts exactly 8 seconds, it's almost like an interruption in the 3 minute song. Secondly the lyrics themselves are not only pretty rubbish, they don't actually fit in the rhythm, she has to rush the nonsense about Bonnie and Clyde to finish in time.

Croatia compete in the second half of the first semi. They're immediately followed by Austria which is to Croatia's disadvantage as Austria is an almost certain qualifier and risks pushing Franka down the memory-hole. The YouTube stats for Crazy are disappointing and the betting market reflects the lack of enthusiasm with punters placing the song as 35th most likely to win. Croatia for me a non-qualifier.


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