Review: Roko - The Dream - Croatia

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Mon 29th Apr 2019 21:54
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Cross it off your Eurovision bingo cards, folks. This year's young man dressed entirely in white singing about how we should all love one another has arrived. Last year it was Ari Olafsson's "Our Choice", this year it's Croatia's entry by Roko entitled "The Dream". In contrast to Ari's creepy stare into the camera, Roko displays some of the best pained expressions I think I've ever seen in any music video.

To be fair to Roko, his vocals are great and could score him some points from juries on that basis if he can pull it out of the bag - but then again, the juries have in the past shown a degree of taste by rejecting all these "why can't we all just get along" type songs. Even if the overall song is cheesy, the chorus is strong and may land a few points from the televote.

Croatia perform in the second semi-final. Once again, it's tight at the bottom of the barrel for this semi with so many mediocre songs vying for those last 3-4 available spaces once the obvious contenders have qualified. I don't count "The Dream" as a qualifier and in any case it'd likely be embarrassed by it's result in the final as it'd certainly be one of the frontrunners to come last.

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