Review: Luca Hanni - She Got Me - Switzerland

Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Tue 7th May 2019 14:35
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1 Day YouTube Views: 232,611
1 Day YouTube Likes: 11,832

With Zibbz failing to qualify last year, Switzerland are back with a vengeance. Luca Hanni sings "She Got Me" - an upbeat pop track that wouldn't sound out of place on an Olly Murs album...Luca even looks like Olly Murs.

As with many tracks this year, you can feel a bit of the "Fuego" in "She Got Me" but it's unique enough that it's not easy to discern exactly where. The verses build to a fabulous chorus that you can easily see being an explosive showpiece on the Eurovision stage. Luca is a seasoned professional and an excellent dancer - this track cries out for good camera work to capture the performance that he's bound to put on.

Just in terms of Eurovision-appropriateness, "She Got Me" feels like a real pick-me-up, play Slovenia and Austria a couple of times and then stick on this track and you suddenly feel alive again. Is it the most original song ever? Not really, but it toes the line between being cheap, throwaway pop and being something you can't wait to listen to. I feel that Luca is going to do a great job in Tel Aviv.

Of all the "Fuego"-influenced tracks this year, Switzerland bring the best offering. The market currently places them as 5th favourite to win - that feels fair. Top 5 should be achievable, particularly if the running order works in their favour. "She Got Me" should have no problem doing well on the televote judging by quality of the song, the stats we've gathered even at this early stage back this up. The juries, however, are a little more of an unknown, Switzerland tends to be let down by it's neighbours when it comes to garnering support.

As for the stats, Switzerland's social media follower stats are up there among the highest of all entrants. YouTube stats for the official video are strong too with a higher-than-average Views to Likes ratio. iTunes is where Switzerland has really shone though, "She Got Me" has charted in 13 countries, 7 of them in the Top 40. That's a remarkable achievement, Russia and Sweden have only charted in 9 and 8 countries respectively. Switzerland will sail through their semi-final without any problems, but will they reach their potential come the final?

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