Knockouts 2

PLEASE WELCOME YOUR 2020 SEMI-FINALISTS! What an epic journey it's been for these 8 Acts - and it's not over yet! #TheVoiceUK
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She's got the voice, the moves and superstar sass to spare @lucy.calcines takes her spot in the Semi-Final for #TeamWill! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 176
One spot remains and #TeamWill's Acts are ready to take it! Will it be @lucy.calcines, @JohannesPietsch or @dougsure? #TheVoiceUK
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*works out once* #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 93
*works out once* #TheVoiceUK
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When a picture says it all... That semi-final place is all yours @annatoria__! #TheVoiceUK
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#TheVoiceUK has opened some real doors for @ch9nmusicuk!
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Performing to stay in the competition with #TeamOlly it's @ch9nmusicuk, @tylewisofficial and @annatoria__ #TheVoiceUK
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You're not dreaming @brookescullion - you have a #TeamMeghan place in the Semi-Final! #TheVoiceUK
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Will's keeping the @iamjhud vibes going strong for 2020 #TheVoiceUK
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Me + the dress code when I'm working from home #TheVoiceUK
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Come through #TeamMeghan! Performing to stay with @meghan_trainor it's @brookescullion, @oli_ross_music and @berylsolo_ Love #TheVoiceUK
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The unmistakable energy (and unstoppable talent) of @lois_moodie is heading to the Semi-Final! #TheVoiceUK
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When Tom's heart breaks, we all feel it #TheVoiceUK
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Meeting @ShaniaTwain: A Series by @lois_moodie #TheVoiceUK
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*Puts multi-pack of highlighters away, steps into spotlight* #TheVoiceUK
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Time to get the Knockouts started - #TeamTom's up first! Singing for a Semi-Final place it's @Shezaronly, @ellyokeeffemusic and @lois_moodie #TheVoiceUK
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Knockouts 1

She has such a gorgeous heart and one POWERFUL voice - @trinityleighofficial has sung her way to the Semi-Final! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 121
Ready to tear up the stage for #TeamMeghan, tonight's performers are @blaizechina, @darciwilders and @trinityleighofficial! Girl power is GO #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 83
The purest voice from the purest soul - @1negevanni is through to the Semi-Final for #TeamWill! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 87
The 4 stages of listening to @claudillea_ perform #TheVoiceUK
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Gevanni's just claimed the ultimate mic drop for life #TheVoiceUK
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Performing for #TeamWill tonight for a place in the Semi-Final, it's @1negevanni, @claudillea_ and @MissBabySol! #TheVoiceUK
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A celebratory sarnie with a side of SEMI-FINAL please... our favourite sandwich guy @jordan.phillipss is through for #TeamOlly! #TheVoiceUK
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My bestie every time I come up with a great idea #TheVoiceUK
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When you said you'd stay out of the drama but you're also here for the drama #TheVoiceUK
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Friend: Don't be weird. Me:
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Performing for #TeamOlly in round 1 of the Knockouts it's @cat_cavelli_ @jordan.phillipss and @Cameo_ #TheVoiceUK
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Congrats @_brooksmusic_, you and your delicious vocals are heading to the SEMI-FINAL! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 78
Knighthood or no knighthood #TheVoiceUK
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First up in the Knockouts and repping #TeamTom it's @SoDivaOfficial, @_brooksmusic_ and @iamzionmusic! #TheVoiceUK
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