Jordan Phillips

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @Jordanphillipss
Instagram: @jordan.phillipss
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 4 26 0 81 81
Battles 2 85 3 263 172
Battles 3 2 0 19 121
Knockouts 1 81 5 232 171
Knockouts 2 3 0 6 86
Semi-Final 34 3 141 126
#TheVoiceUK good luck to everyone from the show tonight everyone was amazing, sad to see Jordan go but will watch out
Great choice Olly Love I love Jordan too but Blessing was amazing!! #TheVoiceUK
Wow Blessing is the only decision I agree with tonight I think. Final 4 should've been Jordan,Blessing, Lois, and Doug in my opinion. #TheVoiceUK
Wrong choice @ollymurs Jordan brings something different, Blessing is great don't get me wrong but Jordan just makes the place Electric, he's got the feel good factor , brought the place alive #TheVoiceUK
Well done Blessing and Jordan too! Loved him too Love Love @ollymurs #TheVoiceUK
Jordan is me I can't lie. Gutted he's gone #TheVoiceUK
BLESSING! Omg I'm absolutely thrilled with that, although Jordan was my favourite up until now - but Blessing delivered tonight #TheVoiceUK
Aww what a shame for jordan #thevoiceuk
noooo jordan is so good!! @ollymurs @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK
My picks: Tom - Lois Will - Lucy Olly - Jordan/Blessing Meghan - Brooke/Trinity Yeah.. I honestly can't pick between Olly and Meghan's two I'll be happy for any of them. I'm REALLY surprised at the talent!! #TheVoiceUK
Between Jordan and Trinity-Leigh for me #TheVoiceUK
Never mind @JoeBiden what is @ollymurs doing with his hair looking like James Jordan ffs #thevoiceuk
# #thevoiceuk Jordan all the
Wow Lois was incredible I knew she would smash that song and she did from the word go. Fantastic. I liked Jordan before too #TheVoiceUK
Jordans a potential for me #thevoiceuk
Jordan is my fave @ollymurs #TheVoiceUK
Jordan, that was a great performance there. #TheVoiceUK #semifinal
#TheVoiceUK Jordan was amazing one of my favourites
Such a great strong voice from Jordan. I am definitely team Olly all the way #TheVoiceUk @giffgaff
Yes Jordan what a start awesome #TheVoiceUK #ollymurs @thevoiceuk @ollymurs
Go on Jordan! #TheVoiceUK
Jordan is one of my favourites by like 100 miles, he is incredible, one of only 2 that I could remember from January lmao #TheVoiceUK
Let's gooooo Jordan #TheVoiceUK
No idea what this song is but Jordan is pretty good #thevoiceuk
First up tonight is Jordan Phillips from #TeamOlly. #TheVoiceUK #semifinal
Jordan on @thevoiceuk is from Gatley? I'm routing for you #TheVoiceUK
The voice semi final tonight at 8:45 I'm soo excited come on #teamolly for the win again @thevoiceuk @ollymurs @cameomusicc @TyLewisOfficial @Jordanphillipss #thevoiceuk
Its also the semi final of #TheVoiceUK which I will be watching from 21:25 after #Strictly. Best of luck to my top 4 @BrooksFresh @LMoodieOfficial @Jordanphillipss @LucyCalcines + all the rest of tonight's acts. @RealSirTomJones @ollymurs @iamwill @Meghan_Trainor xx @EmmaWillis
Jordan and Blessing are amazing #TheVoiceUK
Jordannnnn what a guy #TheVoiceUK
I think Jordan is my winner #TheVoiceUK #TheVoice
Jordan has a fantastic voice with brilliant potential. Olly done the right thing in stealing Jordan at the battles. He has a great voice with fantastic potential . He is a great guy as well. Gives me Lewis Capaldi vibes. Another rasp in his voice which I adore #TheVoiceUK
Jordan was a great steal for Olly! #TheVoiceUk @giffgaff
Jordan seems like quite a good lad! #TheVoiceUk @giffgaff
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