Final: Facebook Likes After 1 Day

Likes: 757
A HUGE congrats to Brooke and Gevanni for making it to the Final! The Voice UK 2020 wouldn't have been the same without you
Likes: 467
Guest Performer Celeste wowed with her brand new single 'A Little Love'! Love
Likes: 171
"From day one until now, you've just grown." It's safe to say Olly Murs can't believe how far Blessing has come!
Likes: 285
Jonny's performance left Tom Jones hailing him 'a star', and we'd say that's not too shabby!
Likes: 552
After a heartfelt performance, Gevanni left Coach feeling super proud
Likes: 233
"I've never been more proud of you in my entire life!" We are living for the bond between @MMeghan Trainor and Brooke
Likes: 164
Our superstar Coaches smashed that incred show opener!
Likes: 262
It's almost time for the FINAL! Tune into ITV Hub now:
Likes: 648

 Semi-Final: Facebook Likes After 1 Day

Blessing blew the Coaches away with her fireworks filled performance
Likes: 157
Has the Semi-Finalist been taking fashion advice from his Coach? We like to think so!
Likes: 197
A passionate delivery always leaves our Coaches with the chills.
Likes: 153
Barbeque sauce and fries to go for please.
Likes: 183
Trinity-Leigh; Semi-Finalist and Welsh rep to The Voice Coaches.
Likes: 160
Our Coaches are ready. Our Semi-Finalists are waiting. We just need YOU! Tune into ITV Hub for The Voice UK Semi-Final
Likes: 903

How Did We Assign The Stats?
Live Finals
Blind Auditions
How To Read The Stats
The social media stats are an indication of where contestants rank - they're not a prediction!
Here are some things to consider...

Demographics: What kind is audience is watching The Voice? How do they compare to the age-range and values of the average Facebook user? A contestant that is well-received on one platform may not be quite so popular on another.

Running Order: The stats don't account for the running order of the contestants, recency bias has proven to be a significant factor in reality TV outcomes, those performing later often do better.

Sample Size: The more engagement a post has, the clearer the picture. When engagement is low, or numbers are close together, it becomes harder to determine the outcome.

Contestant Type: Is the contestant famous because of social media? Do they come from a country with highly patriotic citizens? Joke contestants tend to get high engagement on social media as people share amusing content. However, this may not translate to votes.

Engagement Type: Not all engagement is equal. Consider that clicking 'Like' on Facebook is fairly non-committal, whereas clicking 'Share' will add the content to the user's timeline.

There are many other factors to consider! Our advice is to look at all the stats across all platforms and try to determine the general ranking of each contestant. Good luck!