Jonny Brooks

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @brooksfresh
Instagram: @_brooksmusic_
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 1 1 0 0 0
Blind Auditions 5 16 1 73 37
Blind Auditions 6 4 0 13 29
Battles 1 11 0 26 37
Battles 2 1 0 -1 13
Knockouts 1 72 5 186 70
Semi-Final 22 1 38 74
Final 133 25 547 257
#TheVoiceUK well deserved Blessing. Hard luck Jonny. Great competition.
I'm sorry but Jonny should have won I could happily listen to his singing at any time of the day I couldn't listen to blessing screeching when I'm chilling #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk #duets #jonny and @RealSirTomJones the song just started i got goose bumps good look to both of them i am going to miss #TheVoice
Good luck Jonny and blessing #TheVoiceUK
Blessing singing Angels by Robbie Williams and Jonny singing Torn by Natalie Imbruglia as their winners single????!?! Did they get it the wrong way around WTF #TheVoiceUK
No doubt jonny can carry a tune #TheVoiceUK
Torn by Natalie Imbruglia being a winners single is EVERYTHING, but for...Jonny? This is a criminal offence. #TheVoiceUK
First to sing for the championship, Jonny. #thevoiceuk #grandfinal #superfinal
Come on Jonny #thevoiceuk
C'mon @BrooksFresh Fair play @Brooke_Scullion Some achievement for County Derry #TheVoiceUK
Ooh both wonderful singers @BrooksFresh and Blessing it's exciting @giffgaff #thevoiceuk @thevoiceuk will be #TeamTom or #TeamOlly
#TheVoiceUK Surprised on choice. Jonny v Blessing in sing off. Right Its Go Jonny Go..there I have said it. Fingers crossed
Jonny v Blessing #TheVoiceUK
Well done Johnny @BrooksFresh #TheVoiceUK
I had the pleasure of working with the dote that is @BrooksFresh a couple of years ago on a programme I coordinated. His voice was mesmerising then and he's been fab tonight. Good luck Jonny! About to find out if he's through to the last two! #TheVoiceUK
So will and ollie butcherd their songs jonny to win #TheVoiceUK
Go Team NI! Jonny or Brooke for the win #TheVoiceUK
They made me cry #beautiful definitely bottom 2 with Jonny #TheVoiceUK
Blessing is honestly so good!! Jonny or Blessing deserve to win #TheVoiceUK
2 completey different duets..Jonny Brooks & @RealSirTomJones and Giovanni & @iamwill...cant pick out of the two...just excellent #thevoice #TheVoiceUK
Jonny should win #TheVoiceUK, but I suspect Blessing is going to.
I hope Jonny or Blessing win, they're both so amazing #TheVoiceUK
WHAT a duet @BrooksFresh #TheVoiceUK
What a beautiful and delicate performance that was from @BrooksFresh @RealSirTomJones that was so raw gorgeous and beautiful #TheVoiceUK
Omg Tom and Jonnys duet was utterly amazing loved that he's my winner #TheVoiceUK
That duet!! Wow!! @BrooksFresh @RealSirTomJones #TheVoiceUK
If that duet don't win it for Jonny Brooks there is no justice!!#TheVoiceUK.
Soooo good...YEAH...Jonny and Tom... #TheVoiceUK
Its @BrooksFresh and @RealSirTomJones 's duet this is going to good #TheVoiceUK
Love both Jonny and Gevanni. Amazing voices! #TheVoiceUK
Jonny and Blessing for the final two please thank you #TheVoiceUK
County Derry have all the talent with 2 amazing singers in the final tonight #TheVoiceUK @BrooksFresh @Brooke_Scullion Really hope they go on to do amazing things
Has to be Jonny surely #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Nicely done by Blessing. 2and for me behind Jonny. Good start. Duet with Olly? Looking forward to it.
Wow wow wow Jonny Brooks is a star! Incredible voice I have goosebumps! Powerful performance and my winner of #TheVoiceUK no doubt about it
Jonny nailed that #TheVoiceUK
Jonny brooks to win!! Love Love #TheVoiceUK @BrooksFresh
Could listen to Jonny sing all day, love his voice.. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK WOW Jonny Brooks. Great song choice, executed very well. Great start.
Jonny Brooks for the win #TheVoiceUK
Shit me, that was good Jonny!! Amazing! #TheVoiceUK
Jonny has this in the bag. Amazing singer and perfect performance. He can't lose! #TheVoiceUK #TeamTom
Oh, Jonny has a lovely voice.... hope he wins Love Love Love #TheVoiceUK
Jonny wins #TheVoiceUK
Rooting for @BrooksFresh on #TheVoiceUK Great song choice!
Love this song and love Jonny's voice #TheVoiceUK
Yay it's @BrooksFresh. Good luck Johnny #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK in on. Rooting for @BrooksFresh
Get a first look at tonight's final performances from @annatoria__ @brooksfresh @brooke_scullion and Gevanni on #TheVoiceUK:
Its the LIVE final of #thevoiceuk tonight straight after @bbcstrictly . Best of luck tonight to @BrooksFresh and @annatoria__ 2 incredible singers for team @RealSirTomJones and @ollymurs . Best of luck guys. Watch #thevoiceuk LIVE final tonight 20:40pm on @ITV xx
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