Blessing Chitapa

Status: Winner
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @annatoria__
Instagram: @annatoria__
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 2 1 0 3 3
Blind Auditions 5 37 1 120 62
Battles 1 32 1 74 66
Battles 2 5 0 -2 64
Battles 3 2 0 8 27
Knockouts 2 73 7 217 74
Semi-Final 67 5 260 162
Final 382 76 1,278 585
Blessing deserved to win that one #TheVoiceUK
I'm sorry but Jonny should have won I could happily listen to his singing at any time of the day I couldn't listen to blessing screeching when I'm chilling #TheVoiceUK
Congratulations Blessing, you were my winner from the start!... #thevoiceuk
knew it! YEEEESSSSSSSSSS! @annatoria__ @thevoiceuk #thevoiceuk
Well done Blessing!!! #TheVoiceUK
If Blessing doesn't win then this is easily the worst series ever, by a lot.... if she wins, it will be higher up nearer the rest #TheVoiceUK
Both Jonny and Blessing did amazing #TheVoiceUK
Blessing for the win @ollymurs #TheVoiceUK
That's it. The virtual audience have made their decision. Voting is over for good. Either Jonny or Blessing will emerge as the winner on the other side of this break. #thevoiceuk #grandfinal #superfinal
Blessing went on such a massive upwards trajectory with every performance only to end with..... that #TheVoiceUK
Blessing really did that. Winner. #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk Robbie was happy to cash in, but it didn't work for Blessing. Maybe when total drugged Robbie was a good singer after all.
Sorry that wasn't great #blessing #TheVoiceUK
Blessing just screeches #TheVoiceUK
The two finalists would have been better singing the other's song, although Blessing finished stronger. #thevoiceuk
#angels @robbiewilliams #blessing #TheVoiceUK Very good.
Totally wrong songs for blessing #TheVoiceUK
Really thought it would have been Gevanni and Blessing. #TheVoiceUK
Blessing for the win #TheVoiceUK
Did Emma Willis just forget Blessing's name? She called he other 3. #TheVoiceUK
Why was @ollymurs bouncing an invisible basketball during his (freaking AMAZING) duet with Blessing?! #TheVoiceUK #BlessingFTW
I have been watching #TheVoiceUK and I have been trying to think where I have seen blessing and her mom before, think it was in new Cross hospital a few years back and she looked really poorly,if it was I'm glad to see her looking fab and healthy on tv #blessingtowin #TeamOlly
I hope Blessing wins this. All the finalists are really good, but she's been amazing tonight. @thevoiceuk #thevoiceuk @ollymurs
Blessing: head and shoulders above the competition. Should be the nailed on winner. #thevoiceuk
Blessing NEEDS to win this #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Blessing and Olly. That was a great Duet. The 2 girls will have a good share of votes but they will split people and probably leave more votes for Giovanni.
Blessing should win even though the duet song choice was more about Olly than her she was better on her own - #TheVoiceUK
Yessss @ollymurs and Blessing!! That duet was sooo good!! Fab song choice #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Didn't enjoy Blessing and Olly duet, although Blessing does have a great voice
That is my favourite performance of the night! Blessing and Olly were having such fun. #TheVoiceUk @giffgaff
#TheVoiceUK Good duet Olly and Blessing
That was a brilliant song choice for Olly and Blessing Love #TheVoiceUK
Blessing has come to snatch the crown HAND HER IT #TheVoiceUK
For me it's between Johnny and Blessing... #thevoiceuk
Hold back the river what a brilliant song this will be a great performance for Blessing and Olly #TheVoiceUK
I hope Jonny or Blessing win, they're both so amazing #TheVoiceUK
Has to be Jonnie or Blessing #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK I'm going for Gevanni, mainstream pop is full of Blessing's Brooke's and Johnny's.
Blessing is my winner, every performance has been flawless #TheVoiceUK
Omg a Guy Sebastian song was just sang omg I'm actually so excited and Blessing killed it Love #TheVoiceUK
Blessing @thevoiceuk Wow! Bond theme quality #TheVoiceUK
Jonny and Blessing for the final two please thank you #TheVoiceUK
If Blessing doesnt win #TheVoiceUK then they may as well rename the show cos that is your winner right there because that was The Voice!!!
Blessing to win. Surely thats obvious? #thevoiceuk
She should have come dressed as Olly... Blessing in disguise #TheVoiceUK
Yessssss come on @annatoria__ #TeamOlly #TheVoiceUK
Round one: Blessing > Gevanni > Brooke > Jonny (which is also the order for them overall anyway) #TheVoiceUK
Blessing and Giovanni for the final 2! Love The Voice UK #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Blessing is a talented young singer
Take your curlers out Blessing!... #thevoiceuk
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