Brooke Scullion

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @brooke_scullion
Instagram: @brookescullion
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 1 21 0 63 63
Blind Auditions 2 3 1 11 37
Blind Auditions 3 3 0 11 28
Blind Auditions 4 1 0 2 8
Blind Auditions 6 2 0 3 5
Battles 2 33 0 70 25
Battles 3 2 0 19 31
Knockouts 1 1 0 0 30
Knockouts 2 53 4 170 63
Semi-Final 29 0 95 88
Final 90 6 310 192
I'm switching off. So disappointed that the deserved finalist Brooke wasn't in the final. No disrespect but Blessing and Johnny failed to deliver in my eyes. Poor performances. #thevoiceuk
Imagine if Brooke and Blessing were in the top 2. It would of been so close #TheVoiceUK
I can't help but think if the British public were voting tonight, that result would've been different. In my opinion (& not everyone will agree) both Brooke & Giovanni were better than Blessing #thevoiceuk
Loved seeing @EllaEyre on the voice. She was absolutely amazing as expected along with @brooke_scullion. So, entertaining. #thevoiceuk #ellaeyre #brookescullion
Hard luck to @Brooke_Scullion on the voice tonight fantastic performance on both songs #TheVoiceUK
C'mon @BrooksFresh Fair play @Brooke_Scullion Some achievement for County Derry #TheVoiceUK
We say goodbye and well done to Brooke & Gevanni. #thevoiceuk #grandfinal
My winner @Brooke_Scullion , we'll not see the last of this wee woman, ready for the new album any time! Proud of ya chica! #TheVoiceUK
Well that's a shock. Brooke not in top two. Johnny through #TheVoiceUK
Now thinking about a duet between Brooke & the Meghan Screen. #TheVoiceUK
brooke deserves to win #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Brooke and Ella what a duet. How's Wil going to do with no woman no cry. Should be amazing.
Really hoping @Brooke_Scullion takes the crown tonight #TheVoiceUK #TeamMeghan
Brooke and Ella Eyre fantastic duet #TheVoiceUK
Jonny's duet was good and didn't seem out of place with Tom Jones. Brooke grew into hers as it went on but there is just something in Ella Eyre's voice that she couldn't compete with. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK As expected, Brooke pulls it out if the bag, great duet with Ella, makes competition harder to call. Loved it. Not biased, big fan of #RagandBoneMan
Great duets from Brooke and Ella #TheVoiceUK
Hmm... Too much Ella Eyre on this one. Can't hear enough of Brooke. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Brooke and Ella did great
Brooke & Ella Love #TheVoiceUK
That was brilliant from @EllaEyre and Brooke #TheVoiceUK
Brooke is good just needs to pronounce her words better #thevoiceuk
Not feeling this song. Shame because Brooke has been great. #TheVoiceUK
Brooke and Ella's voices work PERFECTLY together! This was a great choice from Meghan #TheVoiceUK
Brooke will win #TheVoiceUK
It might of been nice to see Brooke singing an Ella Eyre song. However I feel that Ella may have outshone Brooke though and that woudent of been fair #TheVoiceUK
Good luck Brooke on your duet with @EllaEyre @Brooke_Scullion #TheVoiceUK
Oops, missing #TheVoiceUK final. Just caught up with Brooke & Gevanni. Both great.
Round one: Blessing > Gevanni > Brooke > Jonny (which is also the order for them overall anyway) #TheVoiceUK
comee on brooke #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK if Brooke married Johnny she'd be Brooke brooks
Tbh Brooke is my favorite #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK I'm loving this final..but loving those lights on the branches too behind Johnny Brooke's...I soooooo want them!!
I didn't rate his performance of Many Rivers To Cross in the semifinal, but that was lovely from Gevanni, his best yet I think. Brooke was great too. A fine start to #TheVoiceuk final.
Brooke is the winner surely, she's also stunning! #TheVoiceUK final
Brooke with a great start loved her voice especially towards the end of the song and she looked great, a beautiful person inside and out #TheVoiceUK
Its so sad that we can't make the final decision. I have a horrible feeling that Gevanni is going to win. I hope not as he isn't the best singer of the 4. Brooke or Blessing for me for the win #TheVoiceUK
#BrookeScullion: Fantastic. I could watch/listen to her rendition of @StevieNicks' song all day long. #TheVoice #TheVoiceUK
Who else thought Brooke was going to sing Bootylicious? #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
Nice one Brooke! #TheVoiceUK
Perhaps just off at the end but good performance from Brooke #TheVoiceUK
Brooke will go far #TheVoiceUK
I am sure we have all seen a better Brooke performance but good luck to her #Thevoiceuk
Brooke destroyed a classic song.. couldn't sing for toffee #thevoiceuk
Good song for Brooke. Much better then last week for me #TheVoiceUK
Brooke's disappointing. Poor song choice. Scary eyebrows though! #thevoiceuk
We begin with finalist number 1. From #TeamMeghan, Brooke!!! #thevoiceuk #grandfinal
Brooke to win. #TheVoiceUK #TeamMeghan
And then there were 4. Jonny Brooks, Brooke Scullion, Blessing Chitapa & Gevanni Hutton take to the stage to sing for the win in the GRAND FINAL of @thevoiceuk on @ITV. Join us for the crowning of the champion at 8:40pm. #TheVoiceUK #grandfinal #SaturdayNightTV
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