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Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Sat 23rd Mar 2019 19:19
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Denmark were able to return home triumphantly last year after "Higher Ground" defied expectations to come 5th in the televote. This year instead of vikings we have Leonora singing Love Is Forever. Listening to the song, we were struck by how similar it is to "The Show" by Lenka, you could easily switch between tracks and not realise, they're identical!

Nevertheless, Leonora does have a good voice, the "So don't you never ever give up love" line in particular is excellent. However as many have noted, her performance looks strained and nervous. She maintains an intense stare into the camera with a wry smile but despite the apparent ease with which she hits the notes, the expression renders the performance uncomfortable. We can only hope that she gets as much practice in front of large audiences as she possibly can before Eurovision begins.

As for the song itself, it's musically very simplistic, it reminds me of the kind of song from a Disney movie that never gets included on the Sing-a-Long VCR. I have to admit I did lose interest before the song had finished, the most interesting thing that held my gaze (aside from Leonora's stare) was the unusual staging happening around her. It may be an indication of what's to come in the live performances. Though if we're encouraging Leonora to become more dynamic on stage, plopping her onto a giant chair may have the opposite effect.

Denmark's social media stats at the time of writing are around 3rd from the bottom, the YouTube stats are quite abysmal, Armenia for example received more Likes to their video in 20 minutes than Denmark received in an entire 24 hours. Interest in Leonora's social media accounts is also extremely low. I would normally put this down as a very probable no-qualifier, however "Love Is Forever" will be performed in the same semi as Sweden and Norway so it's likely she'll get a boost from them. The second semi is competitive and I'm not sure a nicey-nice song like this will have enough oomph to stand out and grab those last few places.

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