Review: Eugent Bushpepa - Mall - Albania

Event: Eurovision 2018  Category: Eurovision  Published: Tue 10th Apr 2018 23:20
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7 Day YouTube Views: 204,928
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Albania bring us a rock/pop hybrid this year with Mall, but what's it all about? More importantly, will it be good enough to qualify from it's semi-final?

Songs sung in native language need to communicate the message much more explicitly than those sung in English, Albania fails in this respect. What's the message? Is it an upbeat song? Is it melancholic? Is he singing about how much he loves life or is he singing about a lost love? Who knows.

The song itself doesn't seem to have a hook that the first-time listener can latch onto, even when listened to multiple times it's still not easy to get into the swing of the song. Eugent sings very well but the quality of the song itself is poor, I listened multiple times hoping to gain a greater appreciation and although the song grew on me very slightly, it didn't turn me on enough to be memorable compared to some other tracks on offer this year.

Albania is considered 35th most likely to win the show this year according to the betting markets, they're also considered to have an extremely low chance of progressing past their semi-final, especially with a terrible 3rd slot in the first semi running order. YouTube stats are on par with other no-hopers in that end of the betting market.

The song doesn't really provide anything unique and it seems that people have already collectively come to that consensus. Albania is a no-qualifier.


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