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Event: Eurovision 2019  Category: Eurovision  Published: Fri 3rd May 2019 16:42
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After last year's respectable 8th place finish, Estonia pivot from opera back to pop with "Storm" sung by Victor Crone, a man so handsome it's actually quite infuriating.

"Storm" immediately reminded me of a early-2010's David Guetta track, which is shockingly modern by Eurovision standards. It builds well and gives the audience exactly what they want when the beat drops. Merging cleanly from slow guitar, to club track and back to guitar - it's a song that would do well in the charts, let alone Eurovision.

Estonia may have held out the begging bowl last year but the production of the National Final looks slick and modern - computer graphics, audience stooges and an energetic camera pace. It's not all good news though, one significant factor to note is that Crone's voice falters in the quieter parts of the track where it's easier to come exposed, this is evident in the footage of the Eurovision pre-party in Estonia - he very much appeared to show a degree of relief when the banging beat came back in.

Nevertheless, such a conventionally strong track will do well at Eurovision, and with a late slot in the first semi-final, I suspect Crone will simply have to smile into the camera to progress. A top 15 finish is a fairly likely, top 10, quite possible. It would feel like a waste for this song to get an early slot in the final so I feel it's quite likely that Estonia will have a good night on May 18th.

Despite the decent track, Estonia's social media stats have been rather muted. We suspect the YouTube figures are quite low because the official Eurovision channel has he 'Official Video' as Crone's national final performance whereas Victor Crone's own channel has the real music video, so YouTube stats can be discounted. However his social media stats are certainly nothing special, he has at least charted in Greece as well as Estonia on the iTunes charts. So Estonia's social media results will definitely be one to watch during the semi final.

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