Junwoo's cool MAGIC hits every BEAT!
ITV Sat 14th May 2022 21:03
Have a giggle with Pete Cann's 'Laughter Yoga'
ITV Sat 14th May 2022 20:53
HALLELUJAH! It's raining Dames!
ITV Sat 14th May 2022 20:10
STRONGMAN Tulga brings the FIRE
ITV Fri 13th May 2022 16:00
BGTeaser: David Walliams BECOMES a GOLDEN BUZZER
ITV Fri 13th May 2022 13:00
BGTeaser: There's a BIG FRONT coming in!
ITV Fri 13th May 2022 13:00
BGT's Ant and Dec choose their Golden Buzzer act
DigitalSpy Sat 7th May 2022 22:45
The origami comedy gets BUZZED by the Judges
ITV Sat 7th May 2022 20:55
Comedy, a unicycle and knives... OH MY!
ITV Sat 7th May 2022 20:20
The audition that GOES WRONG
ITV Sat 7th May 2022 20:05
BGTeaser: Judges RACE to Auditions
ITV Sat 7th May 2022 12:00
Ant and Dec go HEAD TO HEAD in Who Said What?
ITV Wed 4th May 2022 17:00
Britain's Got Talent star left paralysed
DigitalSpy Wed 4th May 2022 13:00
BGT fans think judges made major mistake
DigitalSpy Sun 1st May 2022 00:00
The Witch TERRIFIES Simon Cowell to the CORE!
ITV Sat 30th Apr 2022 21:00
Linda John Pierre brings the PARTY
ITV Sat 30th Apr 2022 20:50
The Freaks are totally OUT OF THIS WORLD!
ITV Sat 30th Apr 2022 20:28
Britain's Got Talent 2022 favourites to win revealed
TellyMix Sat 30th Apr 2022 20:00
BGT's Ant injured after headbutting coconut
DigitalSpy Fri 29th Apr 2022 17:00
Honey Scott WOWS the Judges with original song
ITV Fri 29th Apr 2022 16:00
BGTeaser: It's the Judges 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
ITV Fri 29th Apr 2022 12:56
BGTeaser: 5 Star Boys show us the POWER of dance
ITV Fri 29th Apr 2022 12:55
"You've cut your head on a COCONUT!"
ITV Thu 28th Apr 2022 17:00
Amanda Holden teases emotional BGT moment
DigitalSpy Mon 25th Apr 2022 15:45
BGT's David Walliams presses his Golden Buzzer
DigitalSpy Sat 23rd Apr 2022 22:30
Britain's Got Talent 2022 golden buzzer acts revealed
TellyMix Sat 23rd Apr 2022 20:00
77-year-old Mel Day proves he's STILL GOT IT!
ITV Sat 23rd Apr 2022 19:04
Can Hammerhand BREAK the Guinness WORLD RECORD?
ITV Sat 23rd Apr 2022 19:02
Where is Britain's Got Talentfilmed?
Metro Sat 23rd Apr 2022 19:00
BGT addresses contestant's link to Ant and Dec
DigitalSpy Fri 22nd Apr 2022 17:30
BGT defends Greatest Showman singer after backlash
DigitalSpy Tue 19th Apr 2022 20:30
BGT's Amanda Holden says she cannot be replaced
DigitalSpy Tue 19th Apr 2022 17:45
BGT responds to claims audition was staged
DigitalSpy Tue 19th Apr 2022 12:30
Britain's Got Talent fans spot Walliams error
DigitalSpy Mon 18th Apr 2022 11:15
BGT's Simon Cowell hits Golden Buzzer for comedian
DigitalSpy Mon 18th Apr 2022 11:15
Amanda Holden warns Simon Cowell not to replace her on BGT
MailOnline Sun 17th Apr 2022 22:08
IMD Legion bring dance PERFECTION
ITV Sun 17th Apr 2022 20:40
Aneeshwar Kunchala is a mini David Attenborough!
ITV Sun 17th Apr 2022 20:30
77-year-old brings pure JOY to the stage!
ITV Sun 17th Apr 2022 20:10
The Brit Kidz celebrate our BGT LEGENDS
ITV Sun 17th Apr 2022 19:40
Why wasn't Britain's Got Talent on last year?
Metro Sun 17th Apr 2022 17:00
David Walliams IS Sandra Dee from Grease!
ITV Sun 17th Apr 2022 12:00
BGT Golden Buzzer goes to Greatest Showman star
DigitalSpy Sat 16th Apr 2022 23:45
Who are the Britain's Got Talent judges in 2022?
Metro Sat 16th Apr 2022 19:00
When did Diversity win Britain's Got Talent?
Metro Sat 16th Apr 2022 16:00
Amanda Holden gets a FRIGHT from INVISIBLE act!
ITV Sat 16th Apr 2022 13:00
BGTeaser: Titan the Robot ROASTS Simon Cowell!
ITV Fri 15th Apr 2022 12:30
BGTeaser: The Judges are BACK TOGETHER!
ITV Fri 15th Apr 2022 11:24
Ant and Dec tease emotional BGT episode
DigitalSpy Tue 12th Apr 2022 00:15
When does Britain's Got Talent 2022 start?
Metro Sun 10th Apr 2022 15:00