Scooter Boys

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 5
Instagram: @scooterboys_uk
Scooter boys! Wow! Amazing!! These little munchkins deserve to be in the final!! Love @BGT #Scooterboys #BGT
Scooter Boys on #BGT - they are brill! So much enthusiasm and talent and honesty I really hope they do well
Love United Kingdom Love The Scooter Boys. What lovely talented babies. I'm on plus one n well behind. (Wish someone was behind me n rubbing my clit). That's how I tweet. #BGT
I like the scooter boys. They're so cute and their act was really good, but their friendship is the best thing. They way they fist bump each other #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
#bgt #scooterboys incredible my lad loved it
Scooter boys are amazing!! I never usually watch #BGT but these little dudes are awesome.
The best performance of @BGT so far is Scooter Boys!! Bloody love them. Smiled the whole way through #bgt #scooterboys
I officially want Scooter Boys to go through on #BGT I also want Tyler to become Prime Minister. Mate, he is outstanding!
The Scooterboys were fantastic. So skillful and adorable! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
I love Tyler from Scooter Boys. He is officially the coolest tweenager ever. #bgt
The Scooter Boys are the coolest and the best #BGT
I'm certainly not a BGT fan but wow go on scooter boys #BGT
I loved that and the fact he got up and carried on was brilliant! #scooterboys #britainsgottalent #BGT
Well done the Scooter Boys that was absolutely fantastic! :) Love #BGT
Scooter Boys on #BGT were certainly more entertaining that most of the acts this week! Little kids trying their best. Coming from a 47 year old who would fall off a bike these days, I have respect for these lads!
Not a fan of #bgt but the "ScooterBoys" are brilliant!
Scooter Boys are lovely and all, but, it's just not that entertaining #BGT
Love those kids so much. They're all adorable When they fall off, they just get back up and get on with it. Well done Scooter Boys! #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Scooter boys are the cutest little boys I've ever seeeen! Love #BritainsGotTalent
Love these kids so much. They're all adorable When they fall off, they just get back up and get on with it. We'll done Scooter Boys! #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Scooter boys are good at what they do but its not really entertaining #BGT
Scooter Boys aren't very good, their only on BGT because people think their cute #bgt
#BGT Scooter Boys - not bad. But the little dudes are going to be pushed too far. They fell in audition; they fell in Semi...AT SOME POINT...they have to learn...winning is not an entitlement. They are NOT as good at what they do as the dance boys are at what they do.
The Scooter Boys are so cute loved them, this show is made for acts like this. #BGT
Scooter Boys are incredible, definitely deserve a place in Sundays Final. #BGT
The Scooter boys fall over - Alesha loves them because they use her song The Welsh choir was incredible and Alesha hates them #BGT
ooh there were a few good uns tonight... imd nation, axel, the welsh group, scooter boys, nick... can't lie I'm hoping axel gets through for sure #BritainsGotTalent
The scooter boys are awesome! #bgt
Best thing about Scooter Boys is their branding. I want the jumper. I want the helmet. Where is the online store? #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
First time I've seen #BGT this year. Scooter Boys are ace. Rooting for them!
are you excited for scooter boys yes - retweet no - like #bgt
Scooter Boys, that was brilliant. #bgt
Scooter boys Amazing! #bgt #scooterboys #amazing
#bgt aneeshwar is so cute comforting the scooter boys
The Scooter boys are so good #BGT
#scooterboys little cuties #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
I love these kids #ScooterBoys #Bgt
Scooter Boys were one of the best acts of the week! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
A pre-recorded set? I was hoping one would fall again so I could laugh. Scooter Boys ain't getting my votes. #bgt
You have great choice in music @AleshaOfficial to the Scooter Boys when they used one of her songs in their act @BGT #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
I absolutely love Tyler from Scooter Boys #BritainsGotTalent
Love the #ScooterBoys on #BGT
I loved Scooter Boys! #BGT
They were very good scooter boys for young lads #BGT #britainsgottalent
These kids are fantastic. It's hard to believe their ages #scooterBoys #bgt
that kid got skillz scooter boys @BGT great summersault #BGT
Shocking!!! Scooter boys and imd were easy the best 2 acts!! #BritainsGotTalent
#bgt #scooterboys we're good. That's what lads their age should be doing, not prancing about like rainbow fairies. #justsaying
the scooter boys are so adorable i can't cope #BritainsGotTalent
No should they of been in the top 3 axel yeah but not the other 2 should of been the scooter boys and nick #BGT
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