Mel Day

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Instagram: @meldaysinger
Mel ~ was living his best life at 77. Born to perform ~ gives happiness. The london community choir ~ brings joy. Jamie and chuck ~ were adorable. Junwoo ~ magic is crazy amazing. my top 5 acts today #BGT
Mel Day deserved that standing ovation. He's such a great performer with a fantastic voice. I love him! #BGT
Nice Perfomance from Mel worthy of a Semi-final spot No. Does he have a chance of winning definetly Not #Bgt
You can't help but love Mel Day. Simply incredible that he is 77 years of age. #SoulMan #BGT
The energy and happiness this guy has at 77 years old is awesome! #MelDay #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
#BGT Love Mel Day, lovely gentleman Love
Wow Mel is amazing #BGT @BGT
Woo Mel doing james brown songs loving it it's so totally him @BGT @SimonCowell @AmandaHolden @AleshaOfficial @davidwalliams @antanddec #BGT Love
Woo Mel doing james brown songs loving it it's so totally him @BGT @SimonCowell @AmandaHolden @AleshaOfficial @davidwalliams @antanddec #BGT Love
Mel Day is brilliant My winner!!!! Come on Mel!!! #bgt
Well done Mel that was amazing and what a way to start off this year's semi finals! :) Love #BGT
Mel is a vibe on #BGT He's got me here singing! Great opening Love
I love Mel Day he is a legend #BGT
Hope Mel wins see the tot acts all crying- life lesson, not everyone wins a prize #BGT
Mel is so sweet he was having so much fun! #BGT
Go on Mel what a legend at 77! Love the #BGT live shows.
I quite liked Mel Day, why is everyone slandering him? Best Act tonight so far #BritainsGotTalent
Oh Mel what a performance for 77 amazing !!! He was like Desmond Ambrose from comedy Desmond's for younger people go on google #BGt
The live #BGT semi-finals start tonight on ITV at 8pm. We'll be rooting for 77-year-old Brummie Mel Day and his great soul voice.
#bgt 3 votes for the ultra talented Jamie. And Chuck. 1 for Maxwell. 1 for Mel. For me those three were by far the best.
Oh Bless Mel Day X A great guy Xx #BGT
Mel Day was brilliant!! I can't believe he's 77 years old #BGT
#BGT @AleshaOfficial straightening out Walliams' funny man act when it came to Mel Day's performance
are you excited for mel day? yes - retweet no - like #bgt
Mel is 77 years old? He looks and sounds bloody brilliant #BGT
Mel is ok, not brilliant #BGT
Mel is 77 yrs old and strutting his stuff, brilliant#BGT #SoulMan
Awesome Mel! #BGT
Yes Mel Day! Funky or what?! #BGT
This Mel blokes quite good! #BGT
I love Mel! #BGT
Whaaat?!? Mel should be going through he was the best! #BritainsGotTalent
What a great singer Mel Day is. 77 years old and belting out those tunes! #BGT
Mel is living his best life #BGT
Love him @BGT Love 77 years he's waited for that Love #BGT #melday
Is it raining or has Holden just got out the bath? #BGT Also. I loved Mel. 77 is no age when you got the rhythm.
Mel Day, proper legend!!! #BGT
The 8 Semi Finalists Performing tonight are as Follows Mel Day London Community Gospel Choir Jamie Leahey Maxwell Thorpe Suzi Wild Born To Perform The Witch Junwoo Tune in from 8pm tonight on ITV - Aaron #BGT
See, Mel Day is a singer I'd like to see, not these sympathetic young professionals #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Mel Day has got no chance! #BGT
Mel Day has got Butlin's Soul Weekender - opening for the 17th 25th 28th & 39th members of 'The 4 Tops' written all over him. #bgt
Yessssss Mel! Smashed it!!! #BGT
I'm so obsessed with Mel!!!! #bgt
I really liked Mel #bgt
Thanks for coming Mel...see you again never #BGT
Just started watching #BGT and the fact Mel Day, a fairly average singer for this level (but what, are we supposed to gloss over that because of his age?) getting a standing ovation from the judges tells me exactly how low the bar this series is. They wonder why ratings are low..
I'm torn between Mel & this amazing choir so far #BGT
Safe to say Mel has soul Man !!! #BGT
Mel Day another professional singer let's go back to willing amateurs #BGT
aww I hope this Mel kid gets his break. How old is he? Seven? Seventy-four? #BGT
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