Matricks Illusion

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 5
Twitter: @MatricksUK
Instagram: @matricksillusion
Matrix Illusion fell flat tonight, just not good enough #BGT
I actually really liked Matrix Illusion tonight! #BritainsGotTalent
Matricks Illusions. Just not as good as their audition I'm afraid. #BGT
You did a fine job Matricks Illusion it was just OK #BGT
Well #MatricksIllusion were disappointing and that was the only act I was really interested in seeing tonight as well! #BGT
Agree with Simon about #MatricksIllusion There wasn't enough magic, there was too much dancing and some bits there wasn't enough happening #BGT
Matrix illusion are all the same - this is nothing different to what they did in their audition. Where is the originality? #BGT
First up tonight are Matrix Illusion, Did you like their First Audition? Aaron #bgt
Here we go!!! Act 1: Matrix illusion. #BGT
I remember seeing Matricks Illusion years ago on holiday. Recognised them instantly! #BritainsGotTalent
There's a glitch in the Matricks. #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
A right royal start to the evening. Now let's kick-off the last semi-final with Matrix Illusion. #BGT #semifinal
It's between Axel Blake, Aneeshwar Kunchala, Nick Edwards, Matricks Illusion and the scooter boys tonight. Public do the right thing for once #bgt
Matricks Illusion are very good, i think they over complexed it and it just came across chaotic, like the Simon C guy, obviously went wrong as it took a couple of attempts even though he was behind the screen and i it was a straight swop #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Matricks Illusions did well #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Yeah Matricks were taking far too long to get to the next big reveal. Too much awkward padding out. #BGT
Should have just stoped at the guitarist #matricks #BGT
The magic stuff (Matricks?) was dull & busy at the same time. Likeable performers, though. #bgt
#MatricksIllusion #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
What did you think of Matrix Illusion's Performance tonight? Aaron #bgt
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