Immi Davis

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 3
Instagram: @immidavis
Incredible Immi No words amazing If you walked out the room you would think you were listening to a Woman sing in her 30s Fabulous Love her voice sounds like a Singer from the 60s or 70s #bgt
Well done Immi you have such an amazing voice, the water drummers were great and that was an incredible performance as well! :) Love #BGT
WOW Immi Davis what a Fantastic voice for a 9 year old girl Amazing loved her #BGT
Immi Davis She has a good voice for a 9 year old. I would say her audition was better.. but praise her confidence to sing love to millions at home and thousands in the audience #bgt #BGT
I'm sorry but no, i didnt find that girl, that funny Immi should been in the top 3, also the freaks where amazing! but that Japanese guy should of definitely won tonight. #BGT
I've voted for Immi and Eva just wonderful Acts in different ways good luck to them both #BGT
Goodness gracious me, Immi is incredible #BritainsGotTalent
immi was brilliant tho i wish she'd gotten through her voice was incredible #BritainsGotTalent
The fact that Eva (you have to be understood to be funny) was even in the top 3 is ridiculous enough (particularly when Immi was not, but Simon asking her to sing again did for that) but to be put through to the final is funnier than any of her "jokes". #BGT #britainsgottalent
Good show tonight @BGT all great of course but Immi Davis has the edge for me personally !!!! Good luck everyone!!!! #BGT
Immi was fantastic but i wish they had done away with the backing track and drummers. Simon was right she didnt need it. she's powerful enough on her own. #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
#BGT how did Tom win immi was a far better singer especially for her age!! He shouldn't of been in the top 3 honestly!!
Wow Immi is fantastic! #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Immi for the win! Absolutely remarkable pure raw talent #bgt
Just WOW #BGT Immi Davis will be UK #1 one day if the Bieber can do that at 13 Simon already seeing the £££'s Anyway there's your 2022 winner!
Not being horrible but the comedian isnt funny. Dont know how she made the top 3 over immi. The girl is 9 years old and a fantastic singer. Agreed with everybody else in the final so far but disappointed tonight #BGT
The producers obviously think Immi is not good enough on her own and needs support here with the backing drummers #BGT
#BGT Immi Davis, what a voice! Just fabulous Xx Love
Immi Davis was amazing and I am glad Simon got her to sing without the music because she doesn't need a choir or drummers. If she makes the final I would come out and just sing no choir no drummers just her #bgt
She has an amazing voice!!! Good call Simon asking her to sing acapella #BGT #ImmiDavis
Immi and keiichi the 2 best get voted out joke that. #bgt
people love a sympathy vote. if you ask me, Immi deserves it more than Eva, even the magician #BGT
#bgt Top 3 predictions 1. Eva (winner) 2. Tom 3. Immi
Wow Immi! Quality singer who's gonna smash her future singing career #BGT
Top 3 predictions 1. Tom (winner) 2. Immi 3. Eva #bgt
Immi deserves a better slot than 2nd. She's amazing for 9. She's amazing for any age. #BGT
Love Immi hope everyone votes, theres a lot of talent in tonights! #BGT
No! Immi deserved to be in the top 3! She was good! #BGT
Wow, I thought Immi would make the top 3 #BGT
Hope Immi gets a wildcard and goes on to win the whole thing #bgt #britainsgottalent and that Robot tomorrow can do one already as well
In my opinion, Immi deserved to be in the #BGT Final but she may get the wild card. But fantastic performance Immi. You are a rising star.
send immi straight to the finals everybody else go home that was sensational #BritainsGotTalent
I really liked Immi again. She did well to sing without the track on the spot after and I agree with Amanda that feels like a moment we might look back on if she goes on to have a lot of success. #bgt
Congratulations #EvaAbley you were brilliant! I feel sorry for #Keiichi as he was brilliant too. I do think it should have been Eva & #ImmiDavis tbh. Fingers crossed for #Wildcard for Immi #BGT
Immi Davis was great! She's so sweet however I CANNOT believe she's only 9... she looks about 13! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Once again, Immi's vocals were on point tonight. Reminds me of that film A Star Is Born. Fantastic #BGT performance tonight.
Immi Davis head and shoulders above everyone. I am ready to buy her album already. Talented. Blessed. Go girl. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #immi
Cannot get enough listening to immi's song , what a brilliant talent #BGT
Immi, there's our winner right there! Someone give her a contract now please! #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Immi voice is amazing she deserves my vote cough 5 votes @BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Nah not happy at the 2 who went though tonight. Tom is talented and all but Immi deserves to be in the final #BGT
Immi Davis, and the freaks should be there but anyways - Tom Ball deserves the win but talent wise- we know those two should be in the final. #bgt
Immi Davis sings 'River' by Bishop Briggs on #BGT tonight. Good song but her track 'White Flag' is so much better
Thank you for giving Immi a chance to sing acapella Simon, are the doubters convinced now?! #bgt
As if immi went home! I would have thought she'd make the winner!! True talent! #britainsgottalent
I LOVE that they've let Immi dress like a kid, in the casual style she clearly feels comfortable in. Too often we see kids dressed up to the nines on this show in outfits they're clearly not comfortable in and it effects the performance! #bgt
Amazing Immi!! Proper talent right there. #bgt
Immi is incredible! #bgt
WOWWWWW IMMI DAVIS!!!!! Absolutely incredible and 9 years of age! What the hell! #FutureStar #BGT
Immi was amazing #BGT @BGT
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