IMD Legion

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 5
Twitter: @IMDLegion
Instagram: @imdlegionofficial
Nick Edwards and Axel Blake performing in the final 2 slots then. Almost certain one of them will win the semi final then. Only outside chance to qualify if IMD Legion if the chances fancy putting through a dance troupe instead of another singer or comedian #BGT
Nick Edwards and Axel Blake performing in the final 2 slots then. Almost certain one of them will win the semi final. Only outside chance to qualify is IMD Legion if the chances fancy putting through a dance troupe instead of another singer or comedian #BGT
IMD LEGION are brilliant. Theyre full of energy and they danced with passion. They get my vote!#BGT
This @IMDLegion celebrating like they've won the Champions League @FootballCliches #FootballCliches #BGT
IMD Dance troupe are showing some UNREAL skill BUT I don't know if their talents will translate or be appreciated on #BritainsGotTalent #BGT. Think they'd absolutely smash it and get top marks in the global dancing conventions/competitions though
IMD Legions should of got through to the Finals there performance was phenomenal they waited 7 years for this but you know that's the British Public vote for you Britain's Got Talent is fucking fix #BGT
oh man imd legion brought the passion and energy that has been severely lacking this semi final that was utterly fantastic #BritainsGotTalent
Another great performance from IMD Leigon. They might be another dance group but at least they were better then some of tonight's other acts. #BGT
IMD Legions shouldn't have been sent home! Incredible dancers #BGT
IMD legion wow !! Got my vote #BGT
IMD Legion's audition was better but they were still good #BGT
Waiting for the brilliant @IMDLegion to dance hope they are judged fairlyand not as Diversitywannabesthey are so so much moreand like Diversity a lot goes into themhaven't got the brilliant facilities available, to them, but boy they work hard GOOOOOAN IMD #bgt
IMD were incredible #BGT
ooh there were a few good uns tonight... imd nation, axel, the welsh group, scooter boys, nick... can't lie I'm hoping axel gets through for sure #BritainsGotTalent
IMD werent even that good why are people hyping them up...#BGT
Dear Twitter Diversity are not the only dancers out there /I guarantee you that Ashley Banjo would agree what @IMDLegion do is high level stuffShame REAL talent is not seen for what it is ahead of dancing dogs, dinosaurs, puppets, etc etc #bgt
As long as IMD Legion are in the Top 3, they'll be put through by the #BGT judges. Nick is not a wanted finalist.
also if you can spare some votes and vote for IMD Legion that would be great, somebody ik is in the troupe and would be over the moon if they got thru #BritainsGotTalent
IMD Legion were good. I'm not convinced it warranted that audience reaction though? #BGT
#IMDLegion Very energetic, confusing with so many people on stage. Good performance #bgt
#BritainsGotTalent IMD - judges even said, full of stumbles and mistake but passion got through lol didn't hear any judge use the reference 'on point' They were all over the place I guess each member got 2/3 tickets - that's easy 100 members in the audience
But early for the IMD winner's acceptance speech #BGT
Just turned over to #BritainsGotTalent so IMD Legion are going to win the show right?? #bgt
#BGT Great performance for IMD Legion!. @IMDLegion
IMD legion They are good. There a lot of dancing acts this year which doesn't make a good competition. But these are good #bgt #BGT
Oh dear. That's just wrong. Audience not happy about this either. IMD Leigion out. #BGT #semifinal
Does IMD stand for Imitating Diversity? Lol. #BGT #bgtsemifinals #bgt2022
Love IMD Leigon - but they ain't a patch on diversity. #BGT
Are you kidding me. IMD were the best act tonight. #BGT
BEST ACT so far on #BGT #IMD #IMDLegion
IMD legion are the best tonight by a mile #BGT
Right then top 3 Welsh of the west end. Obviously. #Imdlegion failed dammit. Axel Blake. Fair enough. Anishwar with what talent?? #bgt
IMD Legion is a string contender to win tonight #bgt
Shocking!!! Scooter boys and imd were easy the best 2 acts!! #BritainsGotTalent
Well if IMD Dance win #BritainsGotTalent it's going to be hard working out how to spend their winnings of £25 each
So good IMD dance crew #bgt
IMD legion may be the next legend group dancers #BGT @STV
IMD legion got sent home but axel is in the top 3? #BGT
How did IMD Legion not make the top 3??, F*ck the British public! #BGT
Think imd legion and aneeshwar will make the top 3 with axel #bgt
I liked IMD Legion. #BGT
IMD, sounds like something you need a strong antibiotic for #BGT
Hope imd legion get through! #bgt #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Looks like Axel Blake will win the semi final (unless he flops) with IMD going through over Nick on judges choice #BGT
That top three is NOT who I expected. I did think Axel Blake would be #1, but I thought the others would be IMD Legion and Nick Edwards. #BGT
If there's any justice in this show IMD Legion HAVE to be the Wildcard act #BGT
I thought IMD were too fast and chaotic they didn't wow me #BritainsGotTalent
I've seen IMD dance loads better before #BGT
#Imdlegion are a 2nd chance dance group... if they don't get to final, TAKE THE HINT! ##bgt
Now this is how you do it. A very polished performance by IMD Legion #BGT
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