Flintz And T4ylor

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @flintzofficial
Instagram: @officialflintz
I have the absolute luxury of knowing @flintzofficial having worked at his college, I would see him close to everyday at the office, never failed to stop and say hi, one of the sweetest boys to come out his college. Whata passionate performance I am so proud of you, Taylor Love #bgt
Giving all my votes to Flintz & Taylor. Absolutely loved all their acts, since audition to now. Each time they smashed it, hope they win Love #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
I'm still backing @flintzofficial & @t4ylor___ to win #BGTFinal Proper passion and emotion right there. Rare to feel that passion in the music and words You got up more than you got knocked down - that's winning! #bgt @BGT
I love the emotion and passion; and all credit to them both, they have a talent but it's not going to win. There is definitely a space for them in the music industry. We wish them well #BGT #BGTFinal #FlintzandTaylor
Awww Flintz that was still so good! I think all the passion and emotions just came up and made it hard for him to get the words out but it was still amazing! Taylor was great too, great performace! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Well done @flintzofficial and @t4ylor___ . Even if you make the smallest of mistakes, it doesn't matter, because you carried on rather than giving up, people will like you even more. Good luck and I wish you the best in the @BGT finals! #bgt #BGTFinal #bgt2022 #BritainsGotTalent
Oh I'm so, so gutted for them, but Flintz & T4ylor are still 100% my favourites in this final. The PASSION with how he performs is so rare and just stunning, I have goosebumps. I hope this is just the beginning for these two. #BGT
#BGT You got this Flintz and Taylor! God bless you, you kept going and did amazing! #BGTFinal #Britiansgottalent You have my vote, not on sympathy but pure Talent!
flintz and taylor deserve to win simply for that moment, carrying on despite it all seeming like it was going to crash, what a great and fitting song aswell. absolutely incredible #BGT
Flintz & T4ylor are my frontrunner so far. The emotions got to him which enhanced it. Shows he cares and is passionate. Loved that #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
Flintz and Taylor showing emotion on live TV. Was it perfect, no, however, it shows huge passion and commitment to what they want to achieve. #BGT #BGTFinal
Considering that Flintz and Tyler only met a few months ago and look at them now they are pulling out fantastic performances like that . Mistakes happen not everyone is perfect Incredible!!! I'll buy their album #BGT
I love flintz and Taylor I know they probably won't win but for sure have a good future I need music from them!!! #bgt #BGT #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent #britainsgottalentfinal
#BGT Flintz & Taylor showed real commitment and must be in the final. They're so different and sang from the heart. Alesha gave good words of wisdom. They will inspire so many children with their words
#BGT Flintz &T4ylor OMG Love Love Love brilliant the passion the feels of how much thos performance ment was a MILLION % Love Love
A singer is definitely going to run #BGT tonight : I'd love to see Flintz and Taylor to win : original and talented
Love #flintzandt4ylor on @BGT so much passion and want for change #bgt inspiring
Flintz and Taylor are something special. I couldn't give a fluff about the fluffing up. Those words hit deep and it's nice to see young guys so passionate about what they love #BGTFinal #BGT
#flintzandt4ylor #bgt you guys were fab, you did great and showed such emotion. Love
All 5 votes given to @flintzofficial & @t4ylor___ to win #BGTFinal Good luck lads - you totally deserve the win! #bgt @BGT
Flintz & T4ylor are one of my top two for winning this year, they're seriously talented and I love them #BGT
Flintz and Taylor well done for two boys who have just met well done for getting to final of a show like this #BGT
When it got tough, they kept going and absolutely smashed it. There's ya winners. Well done #Flintzandtaylor #BGT
flintz and taylor best win their performance was the most emotional and was just raw #bgt
Oh bless him! Great song, fab message, clearly a massive moment for them! Just shows how much it means to them #BritainsGotTalent #FlintzandT4ylor #BGTFinal
Flintz and Taylor are genuinely brilliant #BGT so many talented people this year but those two young lads are truly inspirational.
So excited to see Flintz and Tyler. They were incredible in their Semi final #BGT
Watching #BGT love Flintz & Taylor, reckon they will win! #Talent
Our Y12 Music student Taylor is featuring on the @bgt FINAL tonight in his duo with Flintz Show your support at 7:30 pm on ITV, and best of luck to Taylor & Flintz! #bgt #britainsgottalent #music #performingarts #Birmingham
Flintz and Taylor so emotional and raw. I loved it. They're both so good. #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Awwww feel really bad for #Flintz bless him! loved what @AleshaOfficial said to them. Well done boys, apart from the little mistakes it was still a great performance #FlintzandT4ylor #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
In tears over @flintzofficial and @t4ylor___'s performance - absolutely phenomenal! Incredible performance #BGT
Wow. The comeback after he lost his voice was absolutely sensational. These boys are gonna win! #BGT #FlintzandTaylor
Flintz and t4lor is astonishing their music they have produced on #BGT is unreal!! Even if they don't win Simon should sign them!! #BGT
When the only act you want to win #BGT is @flintzofficial and @t4ylor___ - the passion is something else @BGT #passion
I love these two. I could see @flintzofficial & @T4ylor going far in life with this. Bit of a mess up there but they kept it going! Good luck to you both. #BGT
Be proud lads.. Emotion overwhelmed you rapping about T4ylor... That's a great thing to see... #BGT
Even the most experienced Rappers and performers make mistskes Flintz and Tyler should never feel down they are brilliant Love #BGT
Beautiful message/song and you can see how much this means to them. Loved it! #FlintzandTaylor #justthebeginning #BGTFinal #BGT
Flintz and Taylor winners Love #BGT
What's with the harsh comments? I'd like to see some of you on that stage performing and see how you feel in front of all those people! Well done Flintz & Taylor Love #BGT
Wow @flintzofficial and @t4ylor___ what a performance and @AleshaOfficial is right don't beat yourself up it happens you both smashed it anyway well down you two @SimonCowell @AmandaHolden @davidwalliams @antanddec @BGT #BGT Love
Well done boys! Well said Alesha, kudos Flintz and Taylor! #BGT
Flintz and Taylor remind me of one of the those powerful stromzy ballads. They are so inspirational. They would make great artists in the future. #BGT
Flintz and Tyler have so much heart and so much truth in all of their performances. What an inspiration they are. Meeting just a few years ago during lockdown and look at them now. They have a great future ahead of them. #BGT
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