Dante Marvin

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Twitter: @TheDanteMarvin
Instagram: @thedantemarvin
Here's my son with a genuine @BGT superstar: Dante Marvin Good luck to all #bgt acts at tonight's #BritainsGotTalent live show Please vote for Dante (what a legend!). And if you can spare a vote, please vote for my son's act: Ryland Petty & the Young Magicians Club. #magic
Very pleased to say that soon @TheDanteMarvin from this year's series of @BGT will be a guest for my Podcast & I'm so excited! Good luck tonight on the live Semi-Final show! #ability #disability #inclusion #BGT
I know that @TheDanteMarvin is going to be a real superstar on @BGT Live Semi-Final show tonight! Good Luck Dante & I will be cheering you on at home! #BGT United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dante was fun, but not good enough to win #BGT
#bgt the impressionist was very good. The Dinosaurs was fun. Dante was excellent as was the young magician. Some competition tonight.
Big huge Good luck to Dante Marvin @TheDanteMarvin Tonight for the @BGT #BGT Live Semi-Finals Show & I will be voting for you!
This kid would get my vote because he's a Scouser anyway but he's bloody brilliant Love #bgt Well done #Dante - smashed it
Nice one Dante. Putting smiles on people's faces is a wonderful way to live life #BGT
Just watching Dante's interview on Lorraine from 2 years ago. He is awesome. And he likes wrestling yess. I hope he sails through tonight! @TheDanteMarvin #BGT
Dante not as good as auditions, Ryland was superb though #bgt
I didn't think Dantes audition was that good, but tonight he absolutely smashed it, that was brilliant #bgt
Dante, that was amazing! My winner of tonight on #BGT!!!
Big Good luck @TheDanteMarvin Tonight for @BGT #BGT Live Semi-Finals Show Tonight. I will be voting for you!
Big Good luck to Dante Marvin @TheDanteMarvin Tonight for the @BGT Live Semi-Finals Show. I will be voting for you! #BGT
Can't wait to see Variety Young Ambassador @TheDanteMarvin performing on tonight's #britainsgottalent live semi-final. Tune in on @itv at 8pm. Good luck, Dante, you've got our vote! #BGT
If Dante released that I bet it gets top 10. Catchy as f*ck! Bless him. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Dante Marvin I don't want to sound mean but it wasn't great tonight. Audition was good #bgt #BGT
Everybody do the Dante that was so much fun loved it #BGT
Dante is a lovable kid (even though he is a liverpool fan) but I can't see him challenging the magician or the 2 dogs #bgt
Wow. Didn't think Dante would go. Yay collies! #BGT
Love @TheDanteMarvin what a legend #VoteForDante #BGT
Dante's audition was so much better than this where were the jokes?! This smells heavily like #bgt overproducing and it is not fair
I loved watching @TheDanteMarvin on @BGT this evening. That song is super catchy, and I loved it! @antanddec @SimonCowell @AleshaOfficial @AmandaHolden @davidwalliams @itv #BritainsGotTalent
"Everybody do the Dante!" Great performance and catchy tune! #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
Best of luck tonight @TheDanteMarvin #BGT
That brought a smile to my face. Well done Dante! A pretty catchy song too #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
I want Dante Marvin to win #BritainsGotTalent
What are ppl watching when they vote in BGT. That wee Dante was amazing #BGT #dothedante.
Happy chappy Dante, a joker in true sense I salute you .... #BGT @itvlondon @WeAreSTV
Wednesday Predictions Well its a better lineup and i reckon Tom Ball is definetely in the final. Then the second spot will be between immi davis and the freaks. Les Sancho were good but not #1. Eva Abley will go out the same as Dante and Born To Perform. #BritainsGotTalent
simon loved Dante songbut didn't hear the homage to ant and dec.I rest your honour #bgt
Dante's song is quite catchy, bless him #BGT
I didn't think his song tonight was great but I do really hope @TheDanteMarvin gets a Christmas no1 and knocks the #shitshow that is @LadBabyOfficial this year #bgt
are you excited for dante marvin yes - retweet no - like #bgt
Dante is so sweet, bless him #BGT
The fact that I was doing the moves was the only indication needed to know that he is good!!! Might swing a vote for Dante. #BGT #semifinal
If you like Dante Marvin on @BGT #BGT look out for a very exciting Podcast coming soon. He will be a Star guest on my Podcast! @TheDanteMarvin #DanteMarvin
I love @TheDanteMarvin. Showing that anything can be possible no matter what life throws at you. #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Kind of liked Dante's performance, but novelty songs no longer sell in the charts #BGT #DoTheDante
Dante for the #BGT finals please!!! An absolute legend!!! #DotheDante
I love dante he is star #BGT
Think nerves have got the better of Dante. Not as good as his audition. #BGT
Dante. Winner of #BGT #BritainsGotTalent 2022. Calling it now.
YES GOLDEN BUZZER @davidwalliams @BGT #BGT THE DUO BOYS AND THIS COMEDIAN MUST GO THROUGH DANTE & ARMY CHILDREN MUST HAVE THEIR SONGS AS SINGLES Bring Magic Cubic Boy and probably 3 More ACTS into FINAL including 77 OLD CROONER & POP.,, singer Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
That was funny. "Go ed Dante lad" #BGT
I love Dante's Positive Attitude! #BritainsGotTalent
BTTF: Musical is the most Talent on tv tonight. Song is more catchy than Both of Dantes and its only just started. #BritainsGotTalent
Dante is amazing! I was doing the Dante! #BGT
If you like Dante Marvin from this year's series of @BGT #BGT then lookout for a very exciting podcast episode coming soon. He will be a Star guest! @TheDanteMarvin #DanteMarvin
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