Amber And Nymeria

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @thedancingcollies
So happy that #AmberandherDancingCollies are the #BGT Wildcard! Great choice judges! Nymeria is such a beautiful dog, so clever and I'm sure her Majesty, the Queen would love to see her perform. Love Good Luck Amber, you're my winners! Great performance and song choice.
Well done Amber and Nymeria that was a great fun routine and welcome back for the final :) Love #BGT
Amber and The Dancing Collies' performance was amazing. How the dog performed blew me away, and definitely deserves a pat on her back. All the hard work paid off. The queen loves dogs, she would love to see them perform at the Royal Variety Performance. Deserves to win #BGT.
I love dogs so happy Amber & her lovely collie went through as the wildcard. Eric you have good taste #BritainsGotTalent
Amber and the dancing Collies were amazing again, so glad they came back as the wildcard!! Collies especially are just so special Love @BGT #BGT #BGTFinal
That was the best performance ever. The dog loved it!! They most definitely deserve to win. Amber and her dancing collies. #britainsgottalent #bgt
Amber and the Dancing Collies deserve to win! They are amazing and the dog is so talented! #BGT
Wow that was just amazing Amber and the dancing dog was just so amazing, so glad they got the wildcard #BGT #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent
Very glad the dancing collies were brought back as the #BGT wildcard! A rare good decision for a change! This final is actually hard to predict to who will win! #BGTFinal
They brought back the dancing collies then? Marvellous! They will probably win. #bgt
Yes Amber and Nymeria!!! They are so so so amazing! I love them! #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
years ago Crick's Canine Wonders won their heat of #NewFaces on #ATV so it's been done before. Can Amber and the Dancing Collie's, complete with doggie shoes, win tonight on #BGT
A lot of people will say Collies are easy to train. There are Collies who struggle out in the real world, so huge credit to Amber for such an amazing performance! A seriously good handler with amazing pooches! #BGT #BGTFinal
Amber & the dancing collies are my winners 1,000,000 times over. Love #BGT
Pleased to see amber and those brilliant dogs back #bgt
I love Amber and Nymeria but Alesha saying they are the standard for dog acts now is ludicrous. Ashleigh and Pudsey will always have that distinction. They were flawless throughout. #BGT
Amber and the Dancing Collies. Amazing! Love #BGT
I love a dog act, especially a collie. Amber & the dancing collies were fab. #BritainsGotTalent
Good luck Amber and the collies #BGT
I hope they win! Amber and the Dancing Collie(s) Nymeria was skipping!! #BGT
#BGTFinal #BGT Great to see Amber & the Collies return as Wildcard. Good decision by @SimonCowell
I love Amber and her dogs but if I'm being honest her Semi final performance was better #BGT
Amber has definitely redeemed herself! Love her Dog Act. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
Do want Amber & The Dancing Collies to win? #BGT #semifinal
Well Amber and the Dancing Collies definitely have my vote tonight. Absolutely phenomenal and definitely deserve to win. Shame Simon Cowell ruined it slightly by telling her to remove the other dog. #BGT
amber and nymeria should win in my opinion #BGT
Amber & Collies to win #BGT
Amber and the dancing collies Absolutely amazing how the dog listens to every word amber says. #bgt #BGT
nymeria: does amazing tricks me: can hardly walk up the stairs #BGT
Simon only saved Amber and the dogs because he likes dogs #BGT
Although I won't say no to Amber and her dancing collie winning #BGT
Next up tonight is The Judges Wildcard, Amber & the Dancing Collies Are they your Winner? - Aaron #bgt
Well done Amber and the dancing collies #BGT
Amber and numuria gonna win #BGT
Amber & the Collie best act so far by a lot. #BGT
Good job Amber and the dancing dogs #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #Amber #
That's all my votes once again gone to Amber & the collies. Love #BGT
Glad they brought amber and the dancing collie back as the wild card #BritainsGotTalent #bgt #BGTFinal
amber and nymeria ftw #bgt #britainsgottalent
I'm so pleased that Amber received the Wild Card, but she should have kept two dogs, regardless of Cowell's comment. #BGT
Bella is a huge fan of Amber and the dancing Collie on #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Absolutely love Amber and Collie. #bgt
I'm so pleased that Amber and her dogs became the Wildcard act #BGT
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