Sean Connolly

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Battles 2
Twitter: @SeanconnollyM
Instagram: @seanconnolly_music
#TheVoiceUK Once again @RealSirTomJones has an impossible decision to make. Again we would pair these as a pro duo. They'd make a great folksy pairing and we'd even pay to see them do their thing. Ellie and Sean , amazingly brilliant
Well @SeanconnollyM is a true gent, so magnanimous. Lovely voice. #TheVoiceUK
Good choice Sir Tom but feel sorry for Sean YEAH #TheVoiceUK
Yes Seany, you've got massive things coming and can't wait to meet little man proud of you @SeanconnollyM #TheVoiceUK
Sean's wee lassie is too cute #TheVoiceUK
Hurty ears time. Can we swap these two for Sean back please? #TheVoiceUK
Can you bring Sean back on Please??? #TheVoiceUK
I'd say Sean just scraped that... #TheVoiceUK
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