Millie Bowell

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Battles 2
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 7 12 0 13 13
Battles 1 1 0 9 11
Battles 2 16 0 21 14
Millie should have stayed too! Who is Tom thinking of? #TheVoiceUK
So that wasn't blatantly a fix on the voice?! That song was clearly picked for tai! Anyone else think millie was shoved in the background! #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk Bless you Millie you have a great voice keep singing:)
Oh I thought Millie was better #TheVoiceUK I thought he was going to pick her tbh..tough night. I would not want to be one of the judges
Tom's steal better be worth it because that's Alia and now Millie that he has let go. #thevoiceuk
Unfair song choice. It didn't suit Millies voice and Ty got more singing. #TheVoiceUK
Gutted Millie is out hope she comes back next year #teamolly #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk I hope Tom steals Millie
Wrong song choice, Millie should've sung 'Roll out the barrel'.... #TheVoiceUK
Ty is so much better. Millie can't do a soft vocal at all. #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk I thought Millie was amazing I hope she goes through.
Millie really gave it some wellie ! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Ty is my favourite but Millie has got one hell of a voice.
Both good, but Millie for me. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Ty and Millie head to head is a killer pairing. However, we're favouring Ty for this one. This guy would be a great balladier in the same vein a Julio Iglesias if given the right material
#thevoiceuk Ty and Millie will be a good battle:)
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